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Top 12 Unprimed Quotes

#1. The sincerity with which you do things, that's what shapes your life. - Author: Blake Griffin
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#2. Power gradually extirpates for the mind every humane and gentle virtue. - Author: Edmund Burke
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#3. A cocked .38 doesn't feel the same as an unprimed revolver. The frame tightens differently, the trigger is on a hair and this tension is communicated to you and the people around you. - Author: Adrian McKinty
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#4. I went out for a film where they wanted seven brothers and one sister, so I was there for half a day while they were waiting for 'Archie' to read for a boy ... I've had drivers come to pick me up in England looking for a blond, blue-eyed Scottish boy. - Author: Archie Panjabi
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#5. A rational prediction has an explanation based on theory. - Author: W. Edwards Deming
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#6. Help the man-in-the-street make sense of the bewildering. - Author: Owen Arthur
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#7. I think women want to look beautiful. I think that's an important thing. It is relevant. - Author: Tory Burch
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#8. It is to the interest of the commonwealth of mankind that there should be someone who is unconquered, someone against whom fortune has no power. - Author: Seneca The Younger
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#9. Did we risk our lives to defend a just society, where guilt must be proven and not assumed? Or are we no better than the oppressive kings from whom our fathers fled? - Author: Julie Berry
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#10. Ugliness is a point of view; an ulcer is wonderful to a pathologist. - Author: Austin O'Malley
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#11. There's feelings there, but I think I've just been pretty good at trying to hide my emotions throughout the years. I try to have the same demeanor each and every day. - Author: Derek Jeter
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#12. To be honest, I still don't feel like I'm a representative or an ambassador for the sport. - Author: Tony Stewart
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