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Top 11 Unified Team Quotes

#1. In public, as well as in private expences, great wealth may, perhaps, frequently be admitted as an apology for great folly.

Adam Smith

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#2. On the surface, humans appear to hate conflict, but in reality, they seek it.

Nagaru Tanigawa

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#3. The greatest and most inspiring mountain climbing achievements in history are not so much stories of individual achievement, but are stories of the extraordinary power of a unified, talented, prepared team that stays loyally committed to one another and to their shared vision to the end.

Stephen Covey

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#4. It is a January party, definitely, everyone still glutted and sugar-pissed from the holidays, lazy and irritated simultaneously.

Gillian Flynn

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#5. I think people see me definitely as a "gangsta" rapper, and what people love about me is when they meet me and they meet me again later, I'm the same dude they spoke to and ain't nothing changed.

Sheek Louch

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#6. Freedom is essentially a condition of inequality, not equality. It recognizes as a fact of nature the structural differences inherent in man - in temperament, character, and capacity - and it respects those differences. We are not alike and no law can make us so.

Frank Chodorov

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#7. Sweet Katilyn, you called me remember? There's nothing I wouldn't do for you?....

Jessica Wennberg

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#8. Turn on to politics, or politics will turn on you.

Ralph Nader

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#9. To merely search the Scriptures is to come to the tree of knowledge; to contact the Lord through the Word is to come to the tree of life.

Witness Lee

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#10. When I finally made it to the set, I spent a lot of time doing damage control on The Magic Christian.

Terry Southern

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#11. All great progress takes place when two sciences come together, and when their resemblance proclaims itself, despite the apparent disparity of their substance.

Henri Poincare

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