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Top 15 Unflinching Love Quotes

#1. I couldn't decide if he was four or nine or twelve. I had no idea of the specifics of children. He was too young to drive, but old enough to be able to turn doorknobs. - Author: Maggie Stiefvater
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#2. If you wish to kill yourself but lack the courage to, I think a visit to Palmerston North will do the trick, - Author: John Cleese
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#3. In times of disorder and stress, the fanatics play a prominent role; in times of peace, the critics. Both are shot after the revolution. - Author: Edmund Wilson
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#4. Even now, remembering the sound of his voice chastens every word I say. - Author: Melissa Bank
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#5. I scoffed at myself. He was right. "When do we believe we're enough for the people who love us?"

His gave was direct and unflinching, "When are we enough for ourselves? - Author: April White
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#6. Buy a pup and your money will buy Love unflinching that cannot lie. - Author: Rudyard Kipling
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#7. How can a society actively promote religious faith on one hand and condemn a man for zealously adhering to his faith on the other? - Author: Jon Krakauer
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#8. Music social foul: no singing a song when another song is playing.
Double music social foul: don't ever fucking sing anything while Pink Floyd is playing. What's wrong with you? - Author: Roan Parrish
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#9. My love for him burns on, unflinching and intense. - Author: Nina Rossing
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#10. The primary difference I see is that unschooling is an invitation to awaken and ennoble capabilities that exist within the child. Where traditional schooling is to fill the child with facts that we, as a collective have decided upon. - Author: Kytka Hilmar-Jezek
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#11. His gaze dropped and fell to the floor in thoughtful concentration for a long moment. When he looked up at her again, his gaze was direct and unflinching. "Because I have fallen in love with you." - Author: Kathleen E. Woodiwiss
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#12. But the eyes that he liked the least were horrible pale bulbous sort of eyes. "Insect eyes," he thought, "not animal eyes, only they are much too big. - Author: J.R.R. Tolkien
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#13. When you draw a crowd of people in a street or room or landscape, decide whether you want to say that the people dominate the place or that the place is more important than the people. - Author: John French Sloan
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#14. Barack and I were both raised by families who didn't have much in the way of money or material possessions but who had given us something far more valuable - their unconditional love, their unflinching sacrifice, and the chance to go places they had never imagined for themselves. - Author: Michelle Obama
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#15. He could not name precisely the special quality she possessed. A glow. An exuberance. An aggressive and determined joy that gave her the courage to push past his defenses, to confront him with unflinching courage, to look into his heart and to see something there worth fighting for. - Author: Susan Wiggs
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