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#1. Let still woman take
An elder than herself: so wears she to him,
So sways she level in her husband's heart,
For, boy, however we do praise ourselves,
Our fancies are more giddy and unfirm,
More longing, wavering, sooner to be lost and warn,
Than women's are.

William Shakespeare

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#2. Our fancies are more giddy and unfirm, more longing, wavering, sooner lost and won, than women's are.

William Shakespeare

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#3. If the subject's easy we may all be wise;
What stands unfirm, the smallest force overthrows.


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#4. Really the writer doesn't want success ... He knows he has a short span of life, that the day will come when he must pass through the wall of oblivion, and he wants to leave a scratch on that wall - Kilroy was here - that somebody a hundred, or a thousand years later will see.

William Faulkner

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#5. Spectacular cases are usually simpler, and less interesting, than they initially appear.

Theodora Goss

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#6. Risk the fall to know how it feels to fly.

Alicia Keys

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#7. I want to apologize for plaguing you with so many telephone calls last November and December. When the 'enthusiasm' is coming on me it is accompanied by a feverish reaching out to my friends. After its over I wince and wither.

Robert Lowell

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#8. I don't want to be a propagandist or say that Pakistan is just great. There are problems, but it is a much more complex place than we are given to believe.

Mohsin Hamid

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#9. Unlike Saudi Arabia, Russia, and China, the United States was created by an enlightened band of Founding Fathers with a global vision for the new republic.

Patrick Mendis

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#10. It's a pretty heavy thing that happens to me when I'm at competitions. I get so sucked in, I can't really turn it off.

Shaun White

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#11. I always try to teach by example and not force my ideas on a young musician. One of the reasons we're here is to be a part of this process of exchange.

Dizzy Gillespie

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#12. What do you want? Egg in your beer?

Philip K. Dick

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#13. If there's anything I'm keen to get better at in my writing, then it's the writing of prose as opposed to the writing of dialogue.

David Nicholls

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#14. I have to write what I can write, and writing the text of a picture book is like walking a tightrope, if you ramble off ... As my friend Julius Lester says, 'A picture book is the essence of an experience.'

Patricia MacLachlan

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#15. You have me like a drawing, erased, coloured in, untitled, signed by your tongue.

Carol Ann Duffy

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#16. Don't limit yourself, discover new areas of expertise

Sunday Adelaja

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#17. Keep a good attitude and do the right thing even when it's hard. When you do that you are passing the test. And God promises you your marked moments are on their way.

Joel Osteen

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