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Top 15 Unexplained Goodbyes Quotes

#1. he didn't give a damn about being popular; he cared only about being right. - Author: Robert Ludlum
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#2. We're scientists; we're curious about how nature works, but we're also do-gooders. It's fantastic to think that the same experiments we'd do to understand how information gets into cells could have a practical side to them, too. - Author: Bonnie Bassler
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#3. Spaceships are for acrobats who are also mathematicians. - Author: Robert A. Heinlein
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#4. He had slipped, climbed, rolled, searched, walked, persevered, that is all. Such is the secret of all triumphs. - Author: Victor Hugo
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#5. Making people get over the concept that they've got the total proof. To get them to feel, 'Gee, I want to learn more. I want to hear anybody who can tell me something in addition to ways I already know about God or my spiritual principles. - Author: John Templeton
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#6. By fire, fever, storm and sword, your blood shall suffer this bane. No peace or joy for Wintersloe's lord, till the puzzle ring is whole again - Author: Kate Forsyth
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#7. Many of you wavier by the way you live. - Author: Billy Graham
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#8. The definition of stupid is the inabilitly to see another side to an argument other than one's own. - Author: James Rozoff
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#9. Today.....I begin a new life". - Author: Og Mandino
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#10. I'm a big believer in random capitalization. The rules of capitalization are so unfair to the words in the middle. (32) - Author: John Green
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#11. Life is rather above the measure of us all (save for a very few perhaps). We all need literature that is above our measure
though we may not have sufficient energy for it all the time. - Author: J.R.R. Tolkien
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#12. We're making tin gods out of those poor buffoons in Hollywood; I dote on movies and appreciate the scanty art therein but I consider the profession about the most debased and debasing I know. - Author: Robert E. Howard
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#13. Don't be angry," the Bard said. "Most people live inside a cage of their own expectations. It makes them feel safe. The world's a frightening place full of glory and wonder and, as we've both discovered, danger. Flying isn't for everyone. - Author: Nancy Farmer
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#14. For wisdom is the property of the dead,
A something incompatible with life; and power,
Like everything that has the stain of blood,
A property of the living; but no stain
Can come upon the visage of the moon
When it has looked in glory from a cloud. - Author: William Butler Yeats
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#15. Dance is music made visible - Author: George Balanchine
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