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Top 16 Undutiful Quotes

#1. You have no knowledge of me. You are to be pitied.'
'Envied, more like,' said his undutiful son. - Author: Georgette Heyer
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#2. understanding will help you out more than memorization. - Author: Jason Thalken
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#3. May God be with me! May Heaven bless this New Year. May it be a year of fruitfulness, of peace and prosperity; may it be a year of peace and unity for all mankind; may the world be freed of cholera. - Author: Giacomo Meyerbeer
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#4. The value of emotions comes from sharing them, not just having them. - Author: Simon Sinek
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#5. Most people who know Cuba think Raul [Castro] would like to make more changes but has not done so yet because his brother, who is ideologically opposed to them, is still alive. What he will do when Fidel dies remains to be seen. - Author: Mark Falcoff
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#6. An undutiful daughter will prove an unmanageable wife. - Author: Benjamin Franklin
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#7. Great wants proceed from great wealth; but they are undutiful children, for they sink wealth down to poverty. - Author: Henry Home, Lord Kames
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#8. I do not think it is logical to try and outsmart the smartest people. Instead, my weapons are irony and paradox. The joy of life is partly in the strange and unexpected. It is in the constant exclamation 'Who would have thought it?' - Author: Hugh Jackman
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#9. Schools should be the most beautiful place in every town and village-so beautiful that the punishment for undutiful children should be barred from going to school the following day. - Author: Oscar Wilde
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#10. The undutiful behaviour of children towards their parents is a very great provocation to God our common Father; and, if men do not punish it, he will. - Author: Matthew Henry
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#11. Espresso consumption is an aesthetic experience,like tasting a vintage wine or admiring a painting, - Author: Andrea Illy
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#12. I've always dreamed that love would be effortlessLike a pedal falling to the ground; a dreamer following his dream. - Author: Kelly Clarkson
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#13. Art should be beautiful, not ugly. It should be uplifting and redemptive. Art reassures us that life is good and that, however bad things may look at the moment, everything works out for the best in the end. - Author: Michael Swanwick
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#14. The main thing as a director, you always want to have a bit of a worry about the material you're going to get yourself into. You want to be a bit scared of it so that you have that excitement of having to climb the mountain. - Author: Susanne Bier
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#15. There is a rowdy strain in American life, living close to the surface but running very deep. Like an ape behind a mask, it can display itself suddenly with terrifying effect. - Author: Bruce Catton
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#16. For Shama and her sisters and women like them, ambition, if the word could be used, was a series of negatives; not to be unmaried, not to be childless, not to be an undutiful daughter, sister, wife, mother, widow. - Author: V.S. Naipaul
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