Top 13 Underreact Quotes

#1. Anything that causes you to overreact or underreact can control you, and often does.

David Allen

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#2. My son wants to be Batman and he wants the Batman costume that comes in the mail. It has fake muscles in it, which is very disconcerting on a four-year-old.

Matthew Broderick

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#3. Positive emotions are not trivial luxuries, but instead might be critical necessities for optimal functioning.

Barbara Fredrickson

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#4. Art forms of the past were really considered elitist. Bach did not compose for the masses, neither did Beethoven. It was always for patrons, aristocrats, and royalty. Now we have a sort of democratic version of that, which is to say that the audience is so splintered in its interests.

David Cronenberg

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#5. I have had, in my time, memorable meals of scrambled eggs with fresh truffles, scrambled eggs with caviar and other glamorous things, but to me, there are few things as magnificent as scrambled eggs, pure and simple, perfectly cooked and perfectly seasoned.

James Beard

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#6. Prayer connects us with God and together we are unstoppable

Sunday Adelaja

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#7. The first boy I fell in love with didn't know I loved him, but he managed to break my heart anyway.

Holly Black

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#8. The more strictly and faithfully every man and woman lives up to the guidance and teaching of this Inward Anointing - and never turns aside to the right hand or left for the precepts and traditions of men - the more instruction and help they afford one another.

Elias Hicks

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#9. I'm certainly not who people think I am. I always do whatever I want to do, and my films are personal to me.

Steven Rodney McQueen

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#10. Growing up, I was not told that there were women's areas of preoccupation or male ones.

Rachel Kushner

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#11. We become who we hang out with.

Napoleon Hill

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#12. Lethargy, bordering on sloth should remain the cornerstone of an investment style.

Warren Buffett

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#13. He smelled of leather and wool and tasted of apples and I could have died in that moment and counted myself happy.

Deanna Raybourn

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