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#1. Money had them under a spell. Once they spent the money on a problem, they never thought about it again.

Eddie Huang

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#2. And of course there are the people whose energy fields are too strong," he said with a sly look at Rob. "You know, the people you agree with even when you don't know why. The ones that put you under a spell with their charisma-their energy just knocks you out.


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#3. I know what I want to eat, and I bet it's not on the menu. Regardless of how hot he made her, though, she needed to remind herself he was under a spell, meaning he was off limits no matter how much her body craved him. Big

Eve Langlais

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#4. A single shoe. Only someone under a spell would lose a shoe and not turn back for it.

Nicki Salcedo

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#5. I went to a hypnotist. He put me under a spell, and every time I had a craving for a cigarette, I would throw up. It's very embarrassing right after sex. I find it pretty hard to get that second date after that. Girls get all snobby after you barf on them.

Norm MacDonald

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#6. If anyone's under a spell, Justina, it's me. Your daughter put one on me five years ago, and I haven't broken free of it yet. Oh, and you'll be delighted to know, we've decided to resume our relationship. Don't bother with congratulations - trust me, your expression is congratulations enough.

Jeaniene Frost

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#7. He then touched my chin softly and lifted it up to look into my eyes.I felt like i was under a spell or something. His eyes were strange but beautiful,like blue crystals,so transparent I became mesmerized by the.

Elena Carpenter

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#8. Why? How had this otherwise sensible woman who had only met Beamabeth as a screaming purple blob fallen under her spell? Or had Beamabeth slipped immaculate into the world, petal-cheeked and smiling amidst gleaming golden curls?

Frances Hardinge

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#9. Whatever our bedtime was as kids, we could stay up an extra half hour if we were reading. My parents didn't care as long as I was under the spell of a Stephen King or a Douglas Adams. Now I read in bed. I read at work. I read standing in line. It's like, 'Hello, my name is Nathan and I am a reader.'

Nathan Fillion

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#10. For me, it was like this: pronounced antipathy to conversing about matters of practical life, the future, dates, politics. You are fixated on the intellectual sphere as a man possessed may be fixated on the sexual: under its spell, sucked into it.

Walter Benjamin

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#11. The tints of autumn ... a mighty flower garden blossoming under the spell of the enchanter, frost.

John Greenleaf Whittier

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#12. It is neutral if you go under spell in your first love; but if it happens for a second time you have mistaken love with something else.

M.F. Moonzajer

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#13. Every guy likes a little slut in his woman. Make no mistake about it. Under the spell of a slutty woman, a guy will betray his wife, his children, even his country.

Jack Dancer

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#14. It is the task of the translator to release in his own language that pure language that is under the spell of another, to liberate the language imprisoned in a work in his re-creation of that work.

Walter Benjamin

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#15. Under the spell of the right song, passion is within reach ... love is close by ... and you are not alone! With such potency, music should be treated with care. The sound, the feel, the presentation ... everything! It is a medicine. It is a teacher!

Dave Sitek

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#16. I have forsaken her for a place I will never belong, but will always remain under her spell, forever to be, a child of my motherland.

B.G. Bowers

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#17. I told her that magic spells only work until the person under the spell is really and honestly tired of it. It ends when continuing becomes simply too ghastly a prospect.

Helen Oyeyemi

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#18. I must be the latest in a long line of freshly dismembered men to fall under the spell of Lola Shanks.

Max Barry

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#19. Mama says love is a sickness of the heart. Only the weak fall under its spell.

Katlyn Charlesworth

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#20. Aren't hidden doors the most alluring? The old stories point that out surely. Even the greatest heroes and heroines fall under the spell of a locked door.

Jane Yolen

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#21. For years they've grumbled that England is a cesspool governed by an immoral king under the spell of the Whore of Babylon, which is their cute nickname for the pope.

Sarah Vowell

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#22. Westside Hochdeutsch mafia, biggest of the big, construction, savings and loans, untaxed billions stashed under an Alp someplace, technically Jewish but wants to be a Nazi, becomes exercised often to the point of violence at those who forget to spell his name with two n's. What's he to you?

Thomas Pynchon

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#23. Wherever he went, my eyes followed. Whenever he spoke, all I could hear was his voice. I lingered on every word, every tone - completely and utterly under his spell. It was a frightening realization.

Avylinn Winter

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#24. We can be under the power of a spell, but we must overcome such a power; we must liberate ourselves from evil. Everyone can fight.

Hazrat Inayat Khan

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#25. Running outdoors is to be in a sort of magical kingdom under whose spell I feel happiest.

Robin Harvie

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#26. I learned to knit in 2002, six months after my 5-year-old daughter, Grace, died suddenly from a virulent form of strep. I was unable to read or write, and friends suggested I take up knitting; almost immediately I fell under its spell.

Ann Hood

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#27. In our household, which was essentially under an evil spell, my father 'Chaplin' was all the magic. A great man draws magic into himself, like reverse lightning. There's nothing to spare for anyone else.

Joyce Carol Oates

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#28. Any musical person who has never heard a Negro congregation under the spell of religious fervor sing these old songs has missed one of the most thrilling emotions which the human heart may experience.

James Weldon Johnson

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#29. The sleeping princess is a symbol of the sleeping earth. The spell she is under is the chill of winter and the kiss of life... the kiss of the sun wakes her.

Elise Forier Edie

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#30. But the moment our eyes meet, I'm right back under his spell, a helpless hunk of steel to his irresistible magnet.

Alyson Noel

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#31. You're a gorgeous siren who could lure anybody into your arms. But I must go before I deliciously fall under your spell.

Rebekkah Ford

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#32. Ojiugo often asked, 'But are they treating you well? Are they treating you well?' as though the treatment was what mattered, rather than the blighted reality of it all, that he was in a holding center, about to be deported. Nobody behaved normally. They were all under the spell of his misfortune.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

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#33. I was forever under his spell and I never wanted to be without him, ever again. And if being with him, like this, turned out to be a mistake, it would be the best mistake I'd ever make.

C.J. English

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#34. A child who can love the oddities of a fantasy book cannot possibly be xenophobic as an adult. What is a different color, a different culture, a different tongue for a child who has already mastered Elvish, respected Puddleglums, or fallen under the spell of dark-skinned Ged?

Jane Yolen

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#35. Coppers and purples, and reds and golds, browns and blacks streaked across the earth violently, and sweeping up and over, a kaleidoscope of dirt and rock that challenges even the most jaded of hearts to not fall under her spell.

Danielle Rohr

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#36. You know, like Prince Charming. Because you never know, maybe he's an enchanted prince under an evil spell."
"Life isn't a fairy tale, you know," Sam said.
"Wanna bet?" The teen smirked at him.

Deborah Blake

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#37. He's a bad kitty. Sexy kitty. Trying-to-suck-her-under-his-spell-again kitty. A sensual smile tugged his lips. "If you don't start telling me what this is about, I am going to put you over my knee and warm that sweet ass of yours with the palm of my hand. Naked.

Eve Langlais

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#38. He thought of men like Hitler, Stalin, and Napoleon. All it took was a lot of seemingly decent people to put the wrong person in power and then fall under their spell.

Hugh Howey

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#39. I've been under the spell of the North ever since my childhood in Alaska. More and more, I've been returning to Alaska, and sometimes my adventures inspire a story.

Will Hobbs

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#40. All it took was a lot of seemingly decent people to put the wrong person in power and then fall under their spell. Troy

Hugh Howey

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