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Top 25 Undemanding Quotes

#1. Books of quotations ... afford me one of the most undemanding but satisfying forms of reading pleasure. - Author: P.D. James
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#2. I've always found animals easy to love because their love is unconditional. They are trusting, loyal and undemanding except in wanting love in return. - Author: Marlon Brando
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#3. The undemanding reader asks no questions-and gets no answers. - Author: Mortimer J. Adler
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#4. She is a cat," he thought. "That's all she is - a cat!"
But that was not how his mind saw her - quick beyond all dreams of speed, sharp, clever, unbelievably graceful, beautiful, wordless and undemanding.
Where would he ever find a woman who could compare with her? - Author: Cordwainer Smith
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#5. Six months into the bliss of edible sex, free-style music, challenging books and the company of an easy undemanding Bride, the fairy-tale castle collapsed into the mud and sand on which its vanity was built. And Booker ran away. - Author: Toni Morrison
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#6. You'd be surprised at how undemanding acting is. - Author: Martin Mull
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#7. There is no security as undemanding and comfortable as the kind you feel among friends. - Author: Peter Bodo
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#8. I had watched Alfie, but I didn't consider it a prerequisite. Michael Caine was just extremely fabulous. He's one of the most professional actors I've ever worked with. I guess after a lifetime of doing it, you know what you're doing. He's incredibly uncomplaining, undemanding. - Author: Emily Mortimer
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#9. How strange it was to have the power to cause others to feel something she herself did not feel; and then catch the hint of it in their collective minds, and begin to feel it herself. - Author: Kristin Cashore
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#10. In the cruel and terrible time in which our generation has been condemned to live on this earth, we must never make peace with evil. We must never become indifferent to others or undemanding of ourselves. - Author: Vasily Grossman
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#11. I cast my hook, my vote against it,
I decide to make peace.
I declare this intention but nothing answers.
And so I put peace in a warm place, towel-covered, to proof,
then into an oven. I wait.
Peace is patient and undemanding, it surpasseth. - Author: Jane Hirshfield
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#12. If you have a success in your life, why can't we hold on to that? Why can't that be good enough for a lifetime; why do we always have to be ramping up? - Author: Jake Paltrow
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#13. Most of us are addicted to non-active reading. The outstanding fault of the non-active or undemanding reader is his inattention to words, and his consequent failure to come to terms with the author. - Author: Mortimer J. Adler
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#14. I always try hard to arrange all media in a way so that it expresses what I want - this is not limited to one medium alone and varies from case to case. - Author: Alva Noto
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#15. It was an undemanding job both physically and mentally, which was fine. Stress was for the rich and hard-working. - Author: Joe Cawley
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#16. Most people are looking for a challenging, interesting job. I wanted a boring, undemanding job so that I could forget about it at 5, so that I would have something left over at the end of the day to do my own stuff. - Author: Jerry Spinelli
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#17. Your words are building blocks of which you construct your life and future. - Author: Charles Capps
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#18. The state of rest is as important as the state of motion. Motion may lead to progress, but motion also leads to collisions and conflict. Motion requires effort and energy. Rest is effortless and undemanding. - Author: Biju Vasudevan
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#19. She felt as though, just for a second, she had understood something vastly important, had had a glimpse of it: love, pure and simple and undemanding. - Author: Lauren Oliver
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#20. We are too undemanding, too ready to watch whatever is on the screen, too lonely, lazy, or bored to create our own lives. We turn on the TV and leave it on, allowing someone else to guide us[.] - Author: Thich Nhat Hanh
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#21. Pretty things can be useless, and ugly things can be useful. Beauty and quality are not always related. - Author: Abby Covert
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#22. Watching TV is companionable: you share an experience, you can comment on the action here and there for a bit of conversation ... it's a way of showing someone that you want his or her company and engaging in a low-key, pleasant, undemanding way. - Author: Gretchen Rubin
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#23. You can do several things at once, but only if they are easy and undemanding. - Author: Daniel Kahneman
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#24. History is full of really good stories. That's the main reason I got into this racket: I want to make the argument that history is interesting. - Author: Sarah Vowell
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#25. He loved books, those undemanding but faithful friends. - Author: Victor Hugo
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