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Top 75 Unalterable Quotes

#1. We struck up a conversation, but took pains to keep to small talk at first. We touched on the most trivial of topics: I asked if he thought the fate of man was unalterable. He thought it was. - Author: Gunter Grass
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#2. Hindsight must surely be the most useless function of the human brain, torturing yourself over the unalterable past. - Author: Peter F. Hamilton
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#3. Only old Benjamin professed to remember every detail of his long life and to know that things never had been, nor ever could be much better or much worse--hunger, hardship, and disappointment being, so he said, the unalterable law of life. - Author: George Orwell
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#4. Truth is undoubtedly the sort of error that cannot be refuted because it was hardened into an unalterable form in the long baking process of history - Author: Michel Foucault
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#5. Christ's lordship is a blessed hope for some & a terrifying nightmare for others. Regardless of our response, it is an unalterable reality. - Author: Paul David Washer
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#6. Conventional wisdom tells us to avoid taking unalterable action while at a low point in life. I have never been conventional. - Author: Therese Fowler
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#7. A vow is fixed and unalterable determination to do a thing, when such a determination is related to something noble which can only uplift the man who makes the resolve. - Author: Mahatma Gandhi
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#8. Success consists in felicity of verbal expression, which every so often may result from a quick flash of inspiration but as a rule involves a patient search ... for the sentence in which every word is unalterable. - Author: Italo Calvino
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#9. Fascism is the result of the collapse of Europe's spiritual and social order catastrophes broke through the everyday routine which makes men accept existing forms, institutions and
tenets as unalterable natural laws. They suddenly exposed the vacuum behind the facade of society. - Author: Peter Drucker
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#10. My dear Mrs Casaubon," said Farebrother, smiling gently at her ardour, "character is not cut in marble - it is not something solid and unalterable. It is something living and changing, and may become diseased as our bodies do."
"Then it may be rescued and healed," said Dorothea. - Author: George Eliot
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#11. Every science has for its basis a system of principles as fixed and unalterable as those by which the universe is regulated and governed. Man cannot make principles; he can only discover them. - Author: Thomas Paine
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#12. There can be no other criterion, no other standard than gold. Yes, gold which never changes, which can be shaped into ingots, bars, coins, which has no nationality and which is eternally and universally accepted as the unalterable fiduciary value par excellence. - Author: Charles De Gaulle
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#13. When I hear any man talk of an unalterable law, the only effect it produces on me is to convince me that he is an unalterable fool - Author: Sydney Smith
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#14. The Bill of Rights should contain the general principles of natural and civil liberty. It should be to a community what the eternal laws and obligations of morality are to the conscience. It should be unalterable by any human power ... - Author: Thomas Paine
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#15. It was never too late to learn something. The past is unalterable in any event. The future is the only thing we can change. Learning the lessons of the past is the only way to shape the present and the future. - Author: Jim Butcher
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#16. Thirdly, Death is nothing else but a change of a short and temporary for an unalterable and eternal condition. - Author: John Pearson
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#17. Remember my unalterable maxim, When we love, we always have something to say. - Author: Mary Wortley Montagu
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#18. The real enemies of our life are the 'oughts' and the 'ifs.' They pull us backward into the unalterable past and forward into the unpredictable future. But real life takes place in the here and now. - Author: Henri Nouwen
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#19. We can't have everything! It took a lot of growing up for me to realize this unalterable fact and to discipline myself into accepting it. - Author: Loretta Young
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#20. A deaf church is a dead church: that is an unalterable principle. - Author: John Stott
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#21. Inequality was the unalterable law of human life. - Author: George Orwell
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#22. What is past, but unalterable truth; life, just a pile of regrets; future, just a sum total of possibilities, and you...? just another trapped soul... - Author: Gayathri Jayakumar
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#23. She hated to admit that money was the most serious difficulty. Knowing full well that it was important, she nevertheless rebelled at the unalterable truth that it could influence her actions, block her desires. A sordid necessity to be grappled with. - Author: Nella Larsen
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#24. Character is not cut in marble - it is not something solid and unalterable. It is something living and changing, and may become diseased as our bodies do. - Author: George Eliot
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#25. Let nothing be called natural In an age of bloody confusion, Ordered disorder, planned caprice, And dehumanized humanity, lest all things Be held unalterable! - Author: Bertolt Brecht
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#26. Buddha emphasized and re-declared the eternal and unalterable existence of the moral government of this universe. He unhesitatingly said that the law was God Himself. - Author: Mahatma Gandhi
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#27. Now I will avow, that I then believed and now believe that those general principles of Christianity are as eternal and immutable as the existence and attributes of God; and that those principles of liberty are as unalterable as human nature and our terrestrial, mundane system. - Author: Thomas Jefferson
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#28. I discovered that Human Nature was not, as I had always supposed, a fixed and unalterable entity, that wars are not caused by a natural urge in men to fight, that ownership of land and factories is not necessarily the natural reward of greater wisdom and energy. - Author: Jessica Mitford
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#29. However, the immediacy with which aesthetic judgments arise should not fool us into assuming that their origins are entirely natural or their verdicts unalterable. - Author: Alain De Botton
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#30. I am far too often the author of terribly poor decisions. Yet I must rest in the unalterable fact that God says I am far better than what the sum total of those decisions would ever suggest. - Author: Craig D. Lounsbrough
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#31. The essence of illness is the freezing of behavior into unalterable and insatiable patterns. - Author: Lawrence S. Kubie
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#32. The intimacy which is contracted in infancy, and the friendship which is formed in misfortune, are, of all others, the most lasting and unalterable. - Author: Thomas Paine
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#33. Upon the glazen shelves kept watch Matthew and Waldo, guardians of the faith The army of unalterable law. - Author: T. S. Eliot
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#34. My best security is within the munitions of an immutable Jehovah, where His unalterable promises stand like giant walls of rock. - Author: Charles Haddon Spurgeon
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#35. Around the ancient track marched, rank on rank, The army of unalterable law. - Author: George Meredith
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#36. I have come to an unalterable decision - to go and live forever in Polynesia. Then I can end my days in peace and freedom, without thoughts of tomorrow and this eternal struggle against idiots. - Author: Paul Gauguin
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#37. I utterly reject the view that the Third World is doomed to poverty and starvation. Not only is this wrong, I think this attitude verges on the immoral, like thinking that slavery is an unalterable facet of the human condition so why bother doing anything about it? - Author: Alex Tabarrok
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#38. There is one unalterable difference between a soldier and a civilian: the civilian never does more than he is paid to do. - Author: Erwin Rommel
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#39. Models can easily become so complex that they are impenetrable, unexaminable, and virtually unalterable. - Author: Donella Meadows
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#40. Unless we decide to reduce greenhouse gas emissions within just a few years from now, our destinies will already be chosen and our path towards hell unalterable as the carbon cycle feedbacks ... kick in one after another. - Author: Mark Lynas
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#41. Tragedy speaks not of secular dilemmas which may be resolved by rational innovation, but of the unalterable bias toward inhumanity and destruction in the drift of the world. - Author: George Steiner
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#42. An unalterable and unquestioned law of the musical world required that the German text of French operas sung by Swedish artists should be translated into Italian for the clearer understanding of English-speaking audiences. - Author: Edith Wharton
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#43. Maintain a constant watch at all times against a dogmatical spirit: fix not your assent to any proposition in a firm and unalterable manner, till you have some firm and unalterable ground for it, and till you have arrived at some clear and sure evidence. - Author: Isaac Watts
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#44. The obligation of human beings to support and obey human governments, while they legislate upon the principles of the moral law, is an unalterable as the moral law itself. - Author: Charles Grandison Finney
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#45. Fate is unalterable only in the sense that given a cause, a certain result must follow, but no cause is inevitable in itself, and man can shape his world if he does not resign himself to ignorance. - Author: Pearl S. Buck
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#46. To discuss the idea of silence in art is to discuss the various alternatives within this essentially unalterable situation. 4 - Author: Susan Sontag
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#47. The Light in you is the unalterable truth of who you are. You can deny it and obscure it, but you cannot uncreate it. - Author: Marianne Williamson
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#48. If our emotional stability is based on what other people do or do not do, then we have no stability. If our emotional stability is based on love that is changeless and unalterable, then we attain the stability of God. - Author: Marianne Williamson
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#49. Mr. Adams, describing a conversation with Jonathan Sewall in 1774, says: "I answered that the die was now cast; I had passed the Rubicon. Swim or sink, live or die, survive or perish with my country was my unalterable determination." - Author: John Adams
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#50. Friendship is the positive and unalterable choice of a person whom we have singled out for qualitites that we admire. - Author: Abel Bonnard
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#51. I will only observe that every reality, even though it has its unalterable laws, is almost always difficult to believe and improbable, and sometimes, indeed, the more real it is the more improbable it is. - Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
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#52. And starward drifts the stricken world,
Lone in unalterable gloom
Dead, with a universe for tomb,
Dark, and to vaster darkness whirled.
("The Testimony of the Suns") - Author: George Sterling
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#53. There is no relationship here between Church and State. Religious liberty has its unalterable place, along with civil and human liberty, in the very foundation of the Republic. I hold it [religious intolerance] to be a menace to the very liberties which we boast and cherish. - Author: Warren G. Harding
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#54. Comparatively, tattooing is not the hideous custom which it is called. It is not barbarous merely because the printing is skin-deep and unalterable. - Author: Henry David Thoreau
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#55. There is no fundamental, unalterable difference between things: all is flux, all is perishable. The surface of your being is constantly crumbling; within however you grow hard as a diamond. And perhaps it is this hard, magnetic core inside you which attracts others to you willy-nilly. - Author: Henry Miller
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#56. Concepts that have proven useful in ordering things easily achieve such authority over us that we forget their earthly origins and accept them as unalterable givens. - Author: Albert Einstein
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#57. The greatest nations are those who try to change the unalterable realities! - Author: Mehmet Murat Ildan
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#58. Biology isn't just genes playing out some unalterable script. It is sensitive to the world around it, - Author: Bruce D. Perry
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#59. Stone and sea are deep in life
Two unalterable symbols of the world
Permanence at rest
And permanence in motion
Participants in the power that remains - Author: Stephen R. Donaldson
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#60. Some men by unalterable frame of their constitution are stout, others timorous, some confident, others modest and tractable. - Author: Jonathan Weiner
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#61. Three-Dimensional representations of his Four-Dimensioned being, which is a fixed and unalterable thing. - Author: H.G.Wells
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#62. The ultimate foundation of honor is the conviction that moral character is unalterable: a single bad action implies that future actions of the same kind will, under similar circumstances, also be bad. - Author: Arthur Schopenhauer
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#63. There is an orderliness in the universe, there is an unalterable law governing everything and every being that exists or lives. It is no blind law; for no blind law can govern the conduct of living beings. - Author: Mahatma Gandhi
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#64. I can assure the Marquis de Chasteler that it is my unalterable determination never to set foot on any territory which acknowledges obedience to His Majesty the King of Bohemia and Hungary. - Author: Marquis De Lafayette
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#65. A miracle is a violation of the laws of nature; and as a firm and unalterable experience has established these laws, the proof against a miracle, from the very nature of the fact, is as entire as any argument from experience as can be imagined. - Author: David Hume
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#66. Every writer must acknowledge and be able to handle the unalterable fact that he has, in effect, given himself a life sentence in solitary confinement. - Author: Peter Straub
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#67. Women sometimes seem to share a quiet, unalterable dogma of persecution that endows even the most sophisticated of them with the inarticulate poignancy of the peasant. - Author: Zelda Fitzgerald
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#68. Hatred does not cease through hatred at any time. Hatred ceases through love. This is an unalterable law. - Author: Gautama Buddha
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#69. God's laws are eternal and unalterable and not separable from God Himself. - Author: Mahatma Gandhi
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#70. The passage of time, which transformed the volatile present into that finished, unalterable painting called the past, a canvas man always executed blindly, with erratic brushstrokes that only made sense when one stepped far enough away from it to be able to admire it as a whole. -pg. 19 - Author: Felix J. Palma
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#71. War should be carried on like a monsoon; one changeless determination of every particle towards the one unalterable aim. - Author: Herman Melville
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#72. You must not pay too much attention to opinions. The written word is unalterable, and opinions are often only an expression of despair. - Author: Franz Kafka
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#73. wisdom lies in correctly discerning where we are free to mould reality according to our wishes and where we must accept the unalterable with tranquillity. The - Author: Alain De Botton
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#74. The churn of stale words in the heart again
love love love thud of the old plunger
pestling the unalterable
whey of words - Author: Samuel Beckett
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#75. Patriotism is one of the unalterable facts of man's nature. It is a virtue if you like it, and a vice if you don't like it. - Author: Max Eastman
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