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Top 13 Typing Straight Quotes

#1. You don't want to wake the dragon, do you? - Author: George R R Martin
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#2. When your body says 'no,' it doesn't matter how big your heart is. - Author: Dottie Pepper
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#3. If you stretch your soul, you will find your sacred spirit. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
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#4. Delaying gratification is one of the most rewarding human pleasures. In almost all cases, the anticipation of an enjoyable experience is as pleasurable as the experience itself. - Author: Karen Amanda Hooper
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#5. We just keep trying to beat every show with the funny stick until it's funny - Author: Dan Povenmire
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#6. You should create a work that is so valuable it might eventually sell at a high price, but you've got to concentrate on how you create that artwork. - Author: Yayoi Kusama
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#7. A young man fills out an application for a job and does well until he gets to the last question, "Who Should we notify in case of an accident?" He mulls it over and then writes, "Anybody in sight!" - Author: Milton Berle
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#8. If you walk up to some random person on the street, grab them by the shoulder, and say 'Did you just see what I saw?!', you'll find that no-one wants to talk to you. - Author: Bill Murray
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#9. Mama is the greatest teacher, teacher of love, fearlessness and compassion. - Author: Stevie Wonder
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#10. There are so many ridiculous arguments that MMA is somehow anti-woman. - Author: Ronda Rousey
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#11. I vowed that I would never relinquish my sense of self again, to anything or anyone. - Author: Piper Kerman
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#12. Tantra and adventure are very, very connected. Perhaps the greatest enemy for one who's journeying along the spiritual path is complacency. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#13. Us brown-skinned girls get ashy if we don't moisturize. - Author: Tyra Banks
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