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Top 20 Two Faced Life Quotes

#1. If someone offers you an amazing opportunity and you're not sure you can do it, say yes - then learn how to do it later.
Richard Branson - Author: Richard Branson
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#2. Having two-faced friends is like keeping a crap in your life. - Author: Jhinang
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#3. Jesus is Jesus. So, I'm not sure I'd get into the business of making somebody into Jesus. That's just me. - Author: Andy Andrews
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#4. You can't simply turn off love. It's part of life, and it's everywhere. You have to reach out and try to take it. - Author: Lauren Morrill
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#5. If it pains you to discover that a Nice Man can be a crumbum, Tom, it's life you've got to object to, not Percy in particular. - Author: Ellery Queen
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#6. God damn every one of you two-faced motherfuckers. - Author: James Newman
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#7. I feel really lucky that I grew up pretending to be a spy for my whole childhood. - Author: Daryl Sabara
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#8. Point? Maybe you aren't a Carrie or a Samantha or a Charlotte or a Miranda.
Maybe you're just you. - Author: Jen Lancaster
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#9. The part of Stripe that I've always found most interesting is the idea of facilitating new commerce that wouldn't otherwise happen. Payouts is turning out to be a big part of that. These new networks are efficient, intelligent replacements for offline behemoths. - Author: Patrick Collison
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#10. Everybody faces obstacles. And I looked to people who had been through many to succeed in life. Abraham Lincoln, born to a poor family, faced defeat through most of his life. Lost eight elections, failed two businesses, had a nervous breakdown, and still became president. - Author: Dave Winfield
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#11. A question that always haunts me. Why can't people just be real? It's easier being real than pretend being real. Give yourself a chance. - Author: Manasa Rao
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#12. The World Cup is not just a great global sporting event, it is also inscribed with much deeper cultural and political importance. - Author: Martin Jacques
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#13. The writer is often faced with two choices
turn away from the reality of life's intimidating complexity or conquer its mystery by battling with it. The writer who chooses the former soon runs out of energy and produces elegantly tired fiction. - Author: Chinua Achebe
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#14. Sooner or later I will be faced with the fact that the world is helpless to meet my needs. And at that point, I will be left with two conclusions; that life is cruel or God is real. - Author: Craig D. Lounsbrough
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#15. The Internet, my fickle friend, my two-faced enemy, what would life be like without you? Where else can I be anonymously anyone and yet, have no anonymity at all? - Author: Susan Schussler
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#16. It's very difficult to play when your lung comes out of your air - Author: Paul Merson
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#17. All through your life, you'll be faced with making a decision between two things-choose the one that is right. If they are both right, then choose the one that will make you feel the best about it at the end of the day. - Author: Thomas Jefferson
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#18. All myth is an enriched pattern, a two-faced proposition, allowing its operator to say one thing and mean another, to lead a double life. - Author: Anne Carson
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#19. You shall find dear, that the world is full of two-faced people and phonies.'.. And Uruvi was to discover a cruelly superficial world, which she had failed to recognize. - Author: Kavita Kane
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#20. There's a moment in every woman's life when she knows that for once, she stood on her own two feet, faced the world, and flipped it off. I just had that moment, and it feels fucking awsome. - Author: Rachel Firasek
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