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#1. Sex, my darling, is often the least important part of a passion. You'll learn that when you get older. - Maria Luisa (Tushi) Strauss

David Leavitt

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#2. It amuses me when I'm described as 'chic.'

Vanessa Paradis

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#3. We look about in puzzlement at our world, with a sense of unease and disquiet. We think of ourselves as scholars in arcane liturgies, single men trapped in worlds beyond our devising. The truth is far simpler: there are things in the darkness beneath us that wish us harm.

Neil Gaiman

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#4. [The camera] may be said to make a picture of whatever it sees, the object glass is the eye of the instrument - the sensitive paper may be compared to the retina.

Henry Fox Talbot

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#5. it," finished Susi. "It's almost worth it." Celeste met Susi's raccoon eyes. "Yes." The blandness of Susi's gaze said nothing at all except, Got it. She wasn't being kind and maternal, and she wasn't reveling in the delicious superiority

Liane Moriarty

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#6. They thought he was only what they could see. A nice boy but a bit of a goof, a bit of a show-off. Not the brightest star in the universe; not a numbers person, but you couldn't have everything you wanted and at least he wasn't a total washout.

Margaret Atwood

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