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#1. The spray, the fog, the night. A moisture that seeps into your bones with the boldness of a rooting weed. Dark water, turbid. Thousands of feet of abyss beneath the ship and somewhere, below, monsters.

Manel Loureiro

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#2. It is in the world of things and places, times and troubles and turbid
processes, that mathematics is not so much applied as illustrated.

David Berlinski

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#3. Mediaeval mythology, rich and gorgeous, is a compound like Corinthian brass, into which many pure ores have been fused, or it is a full turbid river drawn from numerous feeders, which had their sources in remote climes.

Sabine Baring-Gould

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#4. All wars are boyish, and are fought by boys, The champions and enthusiasts of the state: Turbid ardors and vain joys Not barrenly abate
Stimulants to the power mature, Preparatives of fate.

Herman Melville

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#5. Each morning, each turbid morning of your lives you will have it steaming and burning at your tables: so as not to see it, not to digest it so many times: you will push it aside a bit between the bread and the grapes, this bowl of silent blood that will be there each morning, each morning. A

Pablo Neruda

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#6. The Devil's coarse, mangled penis rose from between Heather's legs. She was lifted inches off the ground by its turbid protrusion. Boring its vile gaze into April, it said in a voice as deep as a canyon and old as time itself, "For you.

Hunter Shea

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#7. I leave a white and turbid wake; pale waters, paler cheeks, where'er I sail. The envious billows sidelong swell to whelm my track; let them; but first I pass.

Herman Melville

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#8. Each that we lose takes part of us;
A crescent still abides,
Which like the moon, some turbid night,
Is summoned by the tides.

Emily Dickinson

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#9. Against these turbid turquoise skies
The light and luminous blloons
Dip and drift like satin moons,
Drift like silken butterflies

Oscar Wilde

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#10. Clear writers, like fountains, do not seem so deep as they are; the turbid look the most profound.

Walter Savage Landor

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#11. All John Reed's violent tyrannies, all his sisters' proud indifference, all his mother's aversion, all the servants' partiality, turned up in my disturbed mind like a dark deposit in a turbid well.

Charlotte Bronte

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#12. Above all the genuine philosopher will generally seek lucidity and clarity and will always strive not to be like a turbid, raging, rain-swollen stream, but much more like a Swiss lake, which, in its peacefulness, combines great depth with a great clarity that just reveals its great depth.

Arthur Schopenhauer

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#13. The wine of youth does not always clear with advancing years; sometimes it grows turbid.

Carl Jung

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#14. A man who cannot get angry is like a stream that cannot overflow, that is always turbid. Sometimes indignation is as good as a thunderstorm in summer, clearing and cooling the air.

Henry Ward Beecher

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#15. He who gives love, receives love.

Omar Torrijos Herrera

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#16. It always shocked me how you could understand so many things and be such a complete idiot about so many others.

Jim Butcher

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#17. If we are to make the most of the opportunities ahead we need a bold break with the past.

Michael Gove

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#18. Humor is the good natured side of a truth.

Mark Twain

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#19. Let us touch each other
while we still have hands,
palms, forearms, elbows ...
Let us love each other for misery,
torture each other, torment,
disfigure, maim,
to remember better,
to part with less pain.

Vera Pavlova

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#20. I'm interested in the cultural thing - music, then eventually cinema. I think it's part of my struggle as a cultural worker. I'm not into the armed thing. I cannot be violent.

Lav Diaz

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#21. The reward is that you can actually create a world separate from reality with a story, actors, music, and camera design. When it works it can entertain, move people and teach us all.

Colleen Atwood

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#22. You should pull him back besides in all the lines before the quarter, just as you make the others advance.

William Cavendish

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#23. I'm from New York, so I'm not a big driver.

Dan Fogler

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#24. What I've also noticed is the term happiness, or happy is intimidating to some people. Some people deny that it's even possible to be happy, or to achieve happiness. Happiness sounds like this magical destination that you arrive at and then everything is sort of solved, or it's different.

Gretchen Rubin

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#25. By the end, she cleaned the house so much that she had dust in her eyes and her throat, her knees were scrapped a little and her back ached while she suffered from weary arms. But after everything was done, the once dark, dingy and dirty house was shining bright and looked so alive!

Prerna Varma

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#26. I'd hate to feel in a comfort zone while I am working. That's not the way I like to do things. I want to be pressurized and challenged every day.

Daniel Craig

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#27. The best way to learn is live, in person, cooking, feeling, smelling and tasting, but TV is the second-best thing to that; it's a halfway facsimile.

Ted Allen

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