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#1. A small number of choice books are sufficient. - Author: Voltaire
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#2. Her happiness flowed into every word in the song giving it new life - Author: Anamika Mishra
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#3. Some astrophysicists have convinced themselves that the fifth significant figure of the fine structure constant has changed over the past ten billion years. - Author: Sheldon L. Glashow
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#4. It's not the meaning of life we seek but our aliveness. Once we have that, the meaning of life is obvious. - Author: Anodea Judith
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#5. That's the beauty of life, the uncertainty that we experience, literally, as we go about our day-to-day activities. We're not certain of anything, so fear comes up very often. Fear comes naturally. - Author: Denzel Whitaker
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#6. The first thing you have to understand is that I was not desperate to be a writer. I was never a closet writer filing away notes in a cupboard. - Author: Vikas Swarup
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#7. Story, it turns out, is the assassin of despair. - Author: Robin Cody
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#8. Death inspires me like a dog inspires a rabbit. - Author: Tyler Joseph
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#9. Dying is strange and hard if it is not our death, but a death that takes us by storm, when we've ripened none within us. - Author: Rainer Maria Rilke
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#10. When we are really given to the why of life, the hows begin to flow. - Author: Gerald G. May
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#11. I, for one, respect those who believe with all their hearts and conscience that there are no circumstances under which any abortion should ever be available. - Author: Hillary Clinton
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#12. [Johnny Depp] a wonderful artist, and such a talented person. I got along with him, splendidly. He's charming and wonderful to work with. He's a dream. - Author: Amber Heard
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#13. Children judge each other harshly, but don't make nice distinctions among the grown. - Author: Bill Holm
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#14. Something she'd gotten from Burton and the Corps, that you didn't do things in the clothes you sat around in. You got yourself squared away, then your intent did too. - Author: William Gibson
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