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#1. This determined bias against religion, especially Christianity, is clearly evident when viewed against the religious heritage of American culture as revealed in the Church of the Holy Trinity v. United States, 143 U.S. 452. 1892. - Author: Mathew Staver
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#2. What makes you really come together under pressure is determination and focus and toughness. - Author: Debi Thomas
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#3. What we need to know in any case is very simple. - Author: Henry David Thoreau
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#4. Soon after, I returned home to my family, with a determination to bring them as soon as possible to live in Kentucky, which I esteemed a second paradise, at the risk of my life and fortune. - Author: Daniel Boone
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#5. I was forever under his spell and I never wanted to be without him, ever again. And if being with him, like this, turned out to be a mistake, it would be the best mistake I'd ever make. - Author: C.J. English
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#6. Prayer is such an ordinary, everyday, mundane thing. Certainly, people who pray are no more saints than the rest of us. Rather, they are people who want to share a life with God, to love and be loved, to speak and to listen, to work and to be at rest in the presence of God. - Author: Roberta Bondi
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#7. I like to bring people together so we don't waste opportunities and resources and keep doing the wrong things when we know better. Corporate America makes great things and things that can hurt us. They have to be part of the solutions. There's nothing to say you don't make a profit by doing good. - Author: Teresa Heinz
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#8. Boys, as far as England was concerned, were always the hard core. And you just know the guys like it. They want to be you. Some might be attracted to you without knowing it. - Author: Mick Jagger
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#9. Being sexy is all about attitude, not body type. It's a state of mind. - Author: Amisha Patel
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#10. Failure becomes success when it finds positive minds; Tragedy becomes melody when it lands in positive hands. With positivity, possibility is assured! - Author: Israelmore Ayivor
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#11. You curl your hair and paint your face. Not I: I am curled by the wind, painted by the sun. - Author: Julia De Burgos
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