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#1. The headlines are never in the news! And so, what I am saying is the news is never on the headlines - Author: Sahndra Fon Dufe
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#2. Still earth shall only earth remain,
Let luck its course unfold,
And I in my own kingdom reign
Immutable and cold. - Author: Mihai Eminescu
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#3. Those who do not think that employment is systemic slavery are either blind or employed. - Author: Nassim Nicholas Taleb
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#4. I didn't mind staying home from school and medicating myself with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. Being sick always gave me another chance to break an old-fashioned mercury thermometer, too. - Author: Sam Kean
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#5. When I pointed out this fallacy in her thought process, however, all she said was, "Just do it," only not the way they say it in Nike ads. She said it the way the Wicked Witch of the West said it to the winged monkeys when she sent them out to kill Dorothy and her little dog, too. - Author: Jenny Carroll
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#6. Take off your sweater in the darkness and static flares as a tiny lightning storm - I am the same at the end of your fingertips ... - Author: John Geddes
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#7. Power tends to protect itself merely to maintain its own status and control. Principle gives up power for the sake of creating the best public policy. - Author: Dan Webster
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#8. Gemma had blond hair and blue eyes. I did not.
Gemma was always an A student. I was more of a B-all-you-can-be kind of gal.
When Gemma was into science, I was into skipping.
When Gemma was into foreign languages, I was into the hot Italian guy down the street. - Author: Darynda Jones
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#9. The crushed carcasses of slugs and frogs mixing with the Cretaceous carbons of tar give the road an organic glaze. - Author: Robert Michael Pyle
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