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Top 15 Tron Quorra Quotes

#1. right knee knuckling inward as his backswing began, trunk twisting to its limit as his left shoulder turned under his chin. 'Every muscle - Author: Kevin Cook
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#2. Periods of silent solitude spent in introspective reflecting are sacred and a source of great strength and comfort. We can learn from listening to the rhythms of nature and from appreciating the eternal hush of the cosmos. - Author: Kilroy J. Oldster
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#3. As time goes on you are given responsibility and other things to deal with. You become a husband and a father and there's another shirt of stuff. - Author: Mike Ness
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#4. Nothing is hidden so much that it wouldn't be revealed through its fruit. - Author: Paracelsus
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#5. He has had to learn to hide it, even more than most of us. Somewhere, I think, there is a center to him. It glows like a coal being slowly crushed into diamond, weighed down by layers and layers of surface. - Author: Lauren Oliver
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#6. It takes only five minutes to look nice before you go out. - Author: Evelyn Lauder
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#7. I wished I had been able to make her look that way, but it is the destiny of a lover to watch unhappiness hardening like a cast around his mistress. - Author: Graham Greene
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#8. The car, is the other connection to the outside world, but to be precise it connects the inhabitants to the inside of the car, not to the outside world per se. The outside world is only an element for moving through, as submarines move through water. - Author: James Howard Kunstler
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#9. A long time ago, when we all lived in the forest and none of us lived anywhere else, - Author: Peter Straub
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#10. Who are you, Nature?
I live in you;
for fifty years I have been seeking you,
and I have not found you yet. - Author: Voltaire
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#11. Glimpses through the clouds of numerous and enormous Second Free Zone residential arks and barges lumbering through their selective tracks like a slow-motion game of hide and seek played by listless, blunt whales. - Author: Kieran Shea
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#12. So that is what history is, people and places that disappear, or are beheaded, or get damaged or nearly do, and things and places and people that get tortured and burned and so on. But this does not mean that history is not the unseen things as well. - Author: Ali Smith
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#13. Well-coached teams are never surprised; they can adapt to anything they see. - Author: Jack Ramsay
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#14. It will not have escaped you that this town simulates normality that is completely illusory: every day something happens that one might euphemistically call irritating. - Author: Alessandro Baricco
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#15. Background updating is absolutely the future. - Author: Sam Altman
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