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#1. Refusing to hear an opposing point of view is a sign of weakness, not strength. - Author: Moustafa Gadalla
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#2. If you are born into poverty, the chances are good that your children will be born into poverty. Find a way to give poor kids the same cognitive stimulus that rich kids receive, and they should end up with the same tools for success. - Author: George Kaiser
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#3. Singing seems as easy for her as talking is for us. - Author: Scott Yanow
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#4. It's not about Al," I snap. "It's about everyone watching! Everyone who now sees
hurling themselves into the chasm as a viable option. I mean, why not do it if everyone
calls you a hero afterward? Why not do it if everyone will remember your name? It's ... I
can't ... - Author: Veronica Roth
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#5. A chasm reminds us that there is a fine line between bravery and idiocy. - Author: Veronica Roth
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#6. But then he stops at the door frame and says, It's 9:24. Telling me the time is a small act of betrayal-and therefore an ordinary act of bravery. It is maybe the first time I've seen Peter be truly Dauntless. - Author: Veronica Roth
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#7. Christianity as a specific doctrine was slain with Jesus, suddenly and utterly. He was hardly cold in his grave, or high in his heaven (as you please), before the apostles dragged the tradition of him down to the level of the thing it has remained ever since. - Author: George Bernard Shaw
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#8. Feeling is not selective, I keep telling you that. You can't feel pain, you aren't gonna feel anything else, either. - Author: Judith Guest
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#9. What is wrong with you?' I shake my head. 'Pull it together.'
And that's what it feels like: pulling the different parts of me up and in like a shoelace. I feel suffocated, but at least I feel strong. - Author: Veronica Roth
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#10. We released 400,000 classified documents, the most extraordinary history of a war to ever have been released in our civilization. Those documents cover 109,000 deaths. That is serious matter. - Author: Julian Assange
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