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#1. Not all writers are crazy. Only the ones who are serious enough about their craft. - Author: Hanna Abi Akl
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#2. I want to confess. I thought that her story was comprised of scenes. I thought the tragedy could be glamorous and her grief could be undone by a sunnier future. I thought we could pinpoint dramatic events on a time line and call it a life.
But I was wrong. - Author: Nina LaCour
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#3. How can you trust only yourself when your eyes can blind you, your ears deceive you, when you speak that which you don't mean, and do that which you planned against? - Author: Kyle Schmalenberg
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#4. Successful people tend to become more successful because they are always thinking about their successes. - Author: Brian Tracy
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#5. The working classes in England were always sentimental, and the Irish and Scots and Welsh. The upper-class English are the stiff-upper-lipped ones. And the middle class. They're the ones who are crippled emotionally because they can't move up, and they're desperate not to move down. - Author: Tracey Ullman
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#6. The Paco's Loco Tacos sign on my right lures me in. Not for the first time, I wonder if the tacos are crazy, if Paco is crazy, or if we are crazy for buying them. Well, I personally think a touch of crazy is one of the spices of life. - Author: Lilo Abernathy
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