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#1. And the poorest twig on the elm-tree was ridged inch deep with pearl. - Author: James Russell Lowell
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#2. A lonely fir-tree is standing On a northern barren height; It sleeps, and the ice and snow-drift Cast round it a garment of white. - Author: Heinrich Heine
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#3. What is last year's snow to me,
Last year's anything? The tree
Budding yearly must forget
How its past arose or set - Author: Countee Cullen
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#4. With watercolour, you can pick up the atmosphere, the temperature, the sound of snow shifting through the trees or over the ice of a small pond or against a windowpane. Watercolour perfectly expresses the free side of my nature. - Author: Andrew Wyeth
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#5. For we are like tree trunks in the snow. In appearance they lie smoothly and a little push should be enough to set them rolling. No, it can't be done, for they are firmly wedded to the ground. But see, even that is only appearance. - Author: Franz Kafka
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#6. The tree screamed Jingle Bells and the snow whispered Silent Night, but for the first time in her life she felt strangely Grinch-like. - Author: Nicki Edwards
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#7. The town of Niagara-on-the-Lake was like something out of a Christmas movie. The trees were bare except for the occasional pine tree that stood out dark green against the white snow. - Author: Nicki Edwards
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#8. A pine tree standeth lonely
In the North on an upland bare;
It standeth whitely shrouded
With snow, and sleepeth there.
It dreameth of a Palm tree
Which far in the East alone,
In the mournful silence standeth
On its ridge of burning stone. - Author: Heinrich Heine
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#9. nevermind the snow that falls close to the tree howevere praise the sweet sampling that lays beneath. - Author: KEI
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#10. The way a crow
Shook down on me
The dust of snow
From a hemlock tree
Has given my heart
A change of mood
And saved some part
Of a day I had rued. - Author: Robert Frost
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#11. Troutie, my bonnie little fellow, am not I the most beautiful woman in all the world? - Author: Kenneth MacLeod
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#12. Now the snow's coming down, and im watching it fall. Watching the people around, baby please come home. Pretty lights on a tree, and im watching you shine. You should be here with me! Baby please come home - Author: Josh Ramsay Of Marianas Trench
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#13. A wave of Time hangs motionless on this particular shore.
I notice a tree, arsenical grey in the light, or the slow
Wheel of the stars, the Great Bear glittering colder than snow,
And remember there was something else I was hoping for. - Author: Theodore Roethke
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#14. Earth teach me to forget myself
as melted snow forgets its life.
Earth teach me resignation
as the leaves which die in the fall.
Earth teach me courage
as the tree which stands all alone.
Earth teach me regeneration
as the seed which rises in the spring. - Author: William Alexander
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#15. Outside, a birch tree bends from the weight of the snow. it'll spring back up once the snow melts, back to its normal, upright self.
could that happen to me ? - Author: Carrie Jones
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#16. Tiny waterfalls trickle down over the rocks where they freeze and the ice glitters in the sunlight reflected off rock and snow. It is said that in the old times, when the early loggers came, the first tree cut down could not fall because the forest was so dense there was no place for it to land. - Author: Kathleen Valentine
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#17. He called her a melon, a pineapple, an olive tree, an emerald, and a fox in the snow all in the space of three seconds; he did not know whether he had heard her, tasted her, seen her, or all three together. - Author: Virginia Woolf
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#18. In the southern hemisphere, covering the Christmas tree with fake snow even though winter has nothing to do with the birth of Christ. - Author: Paulo Coelho
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#19. A sheet of white extends to the lone dark vertical of the elm tree in the centre ... It is too perfect, to inviolate ... The snow is graced with waves written by the wind, the elm raises crooked arms in sleeves of white. - Author: Haruki Murakami
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#20. Have you noticed how every tree is different here? All twisted by the wind and snow, but if that was all, they should have been twisted in the same way. It's as though every tree has made up its own mind exactly how it wants to grow. - Author: Jackie French
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#21. Winter giveth the fields, and the trees so old,
their beards of icicles and snow. - Author: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
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#22. Out of the window , I could see a tree in the distance -little more than a sapling, really, stunted and fragile, it's slender, brittle branches burdened by a precarious layer of snow. It was not healthy; I only had to look at it to understand that. - Author: Gary William Murning
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#23. But now that I can see it all as from a lonely hilltop, I know it was the story of a mighty vision given to a man too weak to use it; of a holy tree that should have flourished in a people's heart with flowers and singing birds, and now is withered; and of a people's dream that died in bloody snow. - Author: Black Elk
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#24. The snow has at last melted, the fields regain their herbage, and the trees their leaves. - Author: Horace
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#25. Freshly cut Christmas trees smelling of stars and snow and pine resin - inhale deeply and fill your soul with wintry night ... - Author: John Geddes
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#26. Old age is
a flight of small
cheeping birds
bare trees
above a snow glaze. - Author: William Carlos Williams
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#27. I frequently tramped eight or ten miles through the deepest snow to keep an appointment with a beech-tree, or a yellow birch, or an old acquaintance among the pines. - Author: Henry David Thoreau
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#28. Through the white snow-gate of our ampitheatre, as through a frame we looked eastward upon the summit group; not a tree, not a vestige of vegetation in sight,-sky, snow and granite the only elements in this wild picture. - Author: Clarence King
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#29. I'd like to go by climbing a birch tree~
And climb black branches up a snow-white trunk
Toward heaven, till the tree could bear no more,
But dipped its top and set me down again.
That would be good both going and coming back.
One could do worse than be a swinger of birches. - Author: Robert Frost
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#30. Fall, leaves, fall; die, flowers, away;
Lengthen night and shorten day;
Every leaf speaks bliss to me
Fluttering from the autumn tree.
I shall smile when wreaths of snow
Blossom where the rose should grow;
I shall sing when night's decay
Ushers in a drearier day. - Author: Emily Bronte
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#31. One must have a mind of winter
To regard the frost and the boughs
Of the pine-trees crusted with snow - Author: Wallace Stevens
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