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#1. The morning sun danced on her hair, transforming the brown to gold and reddish glints. An errant sunbeam angled over her face, dusting her long lashes with light, accentuating the perfection of her nose, her cheekbones, and the beauty of her complexion. - Author: Karen Ranney
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#2. In college, I majored - I can't believe there is such a thing - in advertising. And I worked in advertising and PR for a while, and I liked it. - Author: Traylor Howard
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#3. Take no pride in choice alone!" he cried. "It is what you choose that matters! - Author: Ellen Gunderson Traylor
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#4. When did speaking your beliefs become synonymous with forcing them upon others? - Author: Ted Dekker
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#5. Look at Scottish guys wearing kilts - you could look at them and laugh, but the way they carry themselves, how can you? You can wear some of the weirdest things and be cool. If you believe in it, that's what makes it cool. - Author: Andre Benjamin
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#6. She threw open the window to breathe in the spring air, heavy with the sweet perfume of roses and heather. To her right was the rolling glen beckoning her to come and walk. 'Sit here awhile and dream your thoughts on this flat rock.' How often had she done that? - Author: Karen Ranney
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#7. If he sacrifices his legs, he will be admitting to Dr. Traylor that he has won; he will be surrendering to him, to that night in the field with the - Author: Hanya Yanagihara
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#8. I'm a below-the-radar girl. No one really knows anything about me. - Author: Traylor Howard
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#9. 'Bram and Alice' is the best show I've done so far, and it only aired three times. - Author: Traylor Howard
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#10. The female in his carriage didn't say a word, merely turned and stare at him with doelike brown eyes.
Was she too afraid to speak? - Author: Karen Ranney
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#11. As a kid, I went by Tray. In college, they called me Hitch. And Trash. And Park. All the usuals. - Author: Traylor Howard
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#12. One of the most staggering truths of the Scriptures is to understand that we do not earn our way to heaven ... works have a place
but as a demonstration of having received God's forgiveness, not as a badge of merit of having earned it. - Author: Ravi Zacharias
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#13. She laughed. He was right. Her laughter was enchanting. So, too, the sparkle in her eyes as she glanced at him. He'd never seen eyes as darkly brown as hers. With her dark hair she should have been a study in monochrome, but she wasn't. Her cheeks matched her pink lips. - Author: Karen Ranney
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#14. Such a number of looking-glasses! oh Lord! there was no getting away from one's self. - Author: Jane Austen
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#15. If I serve you in hopes of Paradise, deny me Paradise.If I serve thee in fear of hell, condemn me to hell.But if I love thee for love of thyself,then grant me thyself. - Author: Mark Salzman
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#16. What were her abilities? She played the pianoforte passably well even though it didn't interest her. She loved to read and could spend the rest of her life in a library. She'd written a book, and her imagination was such that she could transport herself from the wilds of Scotland to anywhere. - Author: Karen Ranney
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#17. When the smell of her perfume, something that reminded him of faint spicy blossoms and spring, wasn't wreathed in a cloud around him.
Maybe it was magic. Was she one of the creatures from the many Scottish tales his nurse had told him as a child? - Author: Karen Ranney
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