Top 10 Transliteration Quotes

#1. Used personal and place-names in their transliteration

Geraldine Brooks

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#2. I am a woman committed to
a politics
of transliteration, the methodology

of a mind
stunned at the suddenly
possible shifts of meaning - for which
like amnesiacs

in a ward on fire, we must
find words
or burn.

Olga Broumas

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#3. Everything looks new, but then that is the nature of science.

Michelle Moran

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#4. Mandy stammered. "I've never been to a town council meeting."
"No reason you should. They're kind of like root canals." Jake straightened a tie that didn't need straightening. "You don't go in for one unless you really need to.

Sierra Donovan

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#5. I feel that I want what allows me to reach the largest number of people as possible, and I don't feel ashamed of that. I think I'm the kind of artist that's meant to be on a major label because my music is different.

Jon Crosby

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#6. When my father passed away two or three years ago, I didnt listen to music for four days - thats a long time for me.

Carlos Santana

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#7. There are three different kinds of scripting: functional, informational and emotional.

Jay Sankey

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#8. Consider the idea that charisma can be as much a liability as an asset. Your strength of personality can sow the seeds of problems, when people filter the brutal facts from you.

James C. Collins

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#9. Maybe yes, but probably not. At each stage I made what was then the best choice. Having taken that decision, I changed direction and there was no turning back.

Mr. Lee

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#10. Mercer looked around. There was no way anyone could hear. But the walls could, and the earth, and the ghosts of horses, and the state of Georgia.

Garth Risk Hallberg

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