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#1. I can be a gentleman off and on. When the urge hits me. - Tran - Author: Krista Alasti
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#2. Vietnam remains an underdeveloped economy with a high poverty incidence, ... party, people and army will continue to stand united and ... turn Vietnam into a developed country in the coming decades. - Author: Tran Duc Luong
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#3. Hello, Mrs. Tran ... I have David's homework. And if you ever want to see it again, you'll pay me the two million dollars I asked for. - Author: Nenia Campbell
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#4. The Vietnamese and the Republicans are, with an intensity, trying to take this seat from which we have done so much for our community - to take this seat and give it to this Van Tran, who is very anti-immigrant and very anti-Hispanic. - Author: Loretta Sanchez
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#5. We want to believe that this life is longer than it is, but in the grand scheme of the universe our existence equals the amount of time it takes a warm breeze to blow through your hair on a spring day. - Author: Paul S. Anderson
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#6. Instructional programming is really great. To me, it's very enjoyable to watch a process. - Author: Thu Tran
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#7. I hear a small voice
in the back of my mind
and it is chanting a prayer:
'Please don't fall in love again,
please don't fall in love again.'
Maybe this time I will listen.
Maybe this I will learn. - Author: Tina Tran
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#8. I asked him for a cigarette and he obliged, lighting it for me without a word, without meeting my eye. The quiet ones do this. They exert control by giving nothing out, and it's this blankness that makes them unpredictable, as dangerous as the loud ones are obvious. - Author: Vu Tran
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#9. Next time you want to get back at another man, stab him in the heart. Don't piss in his rice. - Author: Vu Tran
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#10. women lose control when they're afraid and that men lose control when they're in love. - Author: Vu Tran
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#11. We live in a world full of people who are satisfied with pretending to be someone they are not. - Author: Tommy Tran
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#12. Dogs may have kept us company on the hunt, but it was the cats who insisted we invent houses and discover fire. - Author: Tran Thien Khiem
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#13. When one door closes, sometimes we need to turn the knob to open another... - Author: J.A. Tran
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#14. The world's people all share the earnest aspiration to have peace, stability, justice and cooperation. - Author: Tran Duc Luong
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#15. He wanted to tell her that all at once he fell madly in love with everything about her, the way she kissed, the taste of her lips, her voice, her smell, her nearness ... but such a premature confession at this point could make her suspicious of his intelligence. From The Cartesian Machine - Author: Nick Tran
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#16. movies?). By feeding a virtual "history" to your brain, it will trigger hormone creation, producing necessary dopamine to drive a particular action. In other words, it will grant you quick access to higher levels of possibility. - Author: Vu Tran
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#17. I don't want to tell people what to think. I just want to show people what I think. - Author: Thu Tran
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#18. People try to say suicide is the most cowardly act a man could ever commit. I don't think that's true at all. What's cowardly is treating a man so badly that he wants to commit suicide. - Author: Tommy Tran
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#19. Days of being wild. - Author: T. Tran
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#20. I look up to my father, because he's very, very experimental in his cuisine, and he puts a lot of love into things. He's the best. To me. - Author: Thu Tran
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#21. Humanistic values of equality and equal rights for all nations and individuals as crystallized in the principles of the United Nations Charter are mankind's great achievements in the 20th century. - Author: Tran Duc Luong
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#22. Under the process of ongoing globalization, advantages are, in the main, created for a minority of countries and development centres as well as powerful transnational companies. - Author: Tran Duc Luong
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#23. I don't have a very good relationship with baking. I do bake sometimes, but my natural instinct is to just do what feels right a lot, and that's what you're not supposed to do in baking. I'm not a good baker. - Author: Thu Tran
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If women had dominated religion - would we have referred to God as 'she'? - Author: Kamil Ali
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#25. It's very meditative to watch Food Network shows. I mean, you might be taking notes, but you're probably not. It's meditative to watch someone cook, just like it is to watch your mother cook, or anyone cook. - Author: Thu Tran
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#26. [She] had a habit of putting things in that way, as though she had accidently set your house on fire and had no choice now but to stand back and watch it burn. - Author: Vu Tran
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#27. A Saigon Proverb: Doe la chine tran, neu buon la thua. Life is a struggle in which sorrow leads to defeat. - Author: Kim Thuy
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#28. My parents want me to be a lawyer or something like that. Something steady. That's always their main concern as parents: "Oh, you need a salary, you need life insurance, why aren't you having kids?" But in the end, they're happy about it. - Author: Thu Tran
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#29. The world is full of people who care but never quite care enough. - Author: Vu Tran
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#30. I always feel in a funny place when I'm really asked to inform people, so I just try to take the more absurdist route - like, "this is how you could do it, but it's actually turning into a cat now. This might happen at home I guess, but it probably won't." - Author: Thu Tran
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#31. It is hard to have a true friend, and it is harder to be the one ... - Author: Tran Dai Nghia
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#32. If I could just capture each memory in a bottle the maybe you people would understand how much I've suffered, how much I've been through, but most importantly how far I have come. - Author: Tommy Tran
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#33. However, we all share the firm belief in the triumph of humanist and progressive values that mankind has achieved during its long history of struggle and creativeness. - Author: Tran Duc Luong
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#34. The first step to loving yourself
begins with the words,
'I matter.'
You deserve to occupy space.
You deserve to stand up for yourself
and claim your right to happiness.
You deserve to be here,
just as much as
anyone else. - Author: Tina Tran
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#35. Sometimes you don't know what you're writing until you've finished it. - Author: Vu Tran
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#36. Perhaps that is the only way that true love can work, when it is prepared for and embraced without thought, without choice. - Author: Vu Tran
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#37. I watched a lot of cooking shows when I was younger on PBS and TLC and those channels. It's a very cool genre of television. - Author: Thu Tran
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#38. It happens in an instant, when life becomes startlingly new and frightening and profound, and you turn to the person next to you and see that they feel it too. - Author: Vu Tran
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#39. My old man taught me to never trust anything that bleeds for three days and doesn't die. - Author: Tommy Tran
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#40. What's the ONE THING I can do, (2) such that by doing it, (3) everything else will be easier or unnecessary? There - Author: Vu Tran
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#41. I like the idea of baking. I'd like to be good at it. But I feel like I'm young and one day I can be. - Author: Thu Tran
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#42. While a handful of countries and a small number of people are leading ample life, dozens of countries and billions of people in Africa, Asia and Latin America are being left in absolute poverty. - Author: Tran Duc Luong
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#43. He is setting out to cure the world, she is setting out to save the world, but I have chosen to inspire the world. Each of us have chosen to try and do our part to change world. What have you decided to do? - Author: Tommy Tran
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#44. The emptiness of the night shielded me from the gaze of others, from morality. - Author: Tran Vu
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#45. As Christians you should be like bridges to Heaven; letting people walk on you to get there. - Author: Tommy Tran
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#46. My hands felt bruised from the hot, dry air. Inside, - Author: Vu Tran
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