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Top 20 Tozer Holiness Quotes

#1. All things as they move toward God are beautiful, and they are ugly as they move away from Him. - Author: A.W. Tozer
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#2. Holiness, as taught in the Scriptures, is not based upon knowledge on our part. Rather, it is based upon the resurrected Christ in-dwelling us and changing us into His likeness. - Author: A.W. Tozer
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#3. God sees us perfect in His Son while He disciplines and chastens and purges us that we may be partakers of His holiness. - Author: Aiden Wilson Tozer
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#4. They don't listen to me, they don't hear me, they don't see me. - Author: Nikolai Gogol
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#5. Real faith invariably produces holiness of heart and righteousness of life. - Author: Aiden Wilson Tozer
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#6. I actually started to think a lot about the difference between a creative gesture and a noncreative gesture. I decided that all gestures were creative. Because you always have to make a decision at some point. - Author: Andrea Zittel
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#7. Holiness has nothing to do with what we know and everything to do with Who we know. - Author: Aiden Wilson Tozer
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#8. There are some situations one simply cannot be neutral about, because when you are neutral you are an accomplice. Objectivity doesn't mean treating all sides equally. It means giving each side a hearing. - Author: Christiane Amanpour
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#9. I make more movies than I see. - Author: Rutger Hauer
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#10. You cannot study the Bible diligently and earnestly without being struck by an obvious fact-the whole matter of personal holiness is highly important to God! - Author: Aiden Wilson Tozer
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#11. Nature is pretty good at networks, self-organizing systems. By contrast, social systems are top-down and hierarchical, from which we draw the basic assumption that organization and order can only come from centralism. - Author: Nicholas Negroponte
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#12. When we think of war, the tendency is to picture young soldiers only in their military roles. To a large extent this dehumanizes the soldiers and makes it easier for society to commit them to combat. - Author: Walter Dean Myers
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#13. Yes, but if you take that crap and put a star in it, then you've got something. - Author: Ed Wood
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#14. People always see the goals, and for me, strikers are not only about scoring goals. - Author: Thierry Henry
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#15. The fork was invented sometime in the fifteenth century, I believe."
"Really?" she asked. "Were you there?"
His features blank, he looked up and asked, "What, for the invention of the fork or the fifteenth century? - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
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#16. Many readers share their stories with me and if one speaks to me (or if the same theme keeps coming at me), I will research it and decide if it would make a good book. But, straight down to it, people inspire me. - Author: Ellen Hopkins
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#17. I don't want to be rude to the afflicted but Uncle Eddie is bald in a way which is the baldest I have ever seen. - Author: Louise Rennison
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#18. Happiness," he says, "is the price of profound thought."
"Who's that quote from?" I ask.
He winks. "Me. - Author: Alice Oseman
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#19. We fear extremes and shy away from too much ardor in religion as if it were possible to have too much love or too much faith or too much holiness. - Author: Aiden Wilson Tozer
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#20. It's thrilling. There's birth and death and frustration and victory in raising horses. It's like a little microcosm of life is built into the short lives of these creatures. - Author: John Phillips
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