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Top 15 Touchable Birthday Quotes

#1. Be're all I've got left, to remind me who I really am.

Garth Nix

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#2. Any type of desire is beggary. One who is without any desire is called 'Gnani' [the enlightened one].

Dada Bhagwan

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#3. Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life. 24 Avoid all perverse talk; stay away from corrupt speech.


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#4. I have always had my doubts about any form of divine intervention in sports contests. The power of prayer may be remarkable in many other arenas, but why should God want my team to win instead of the other side? Isn't it insulting to request God to even take an interest in baseball?

Roger Ebert

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#5. The termination is not based on innocence or guilt, but on biology. The sociopath personality is fraudulent. They are impostors within the human species. Killing a sociopath is equivalent to killing God. Neither exists in reality. They are empty shells of imagination, said Chiron

C.J. Anderson

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#6. Never trust what a man says when he's focused on putting his schlong into your cookie, dear.

Tracy Tappan

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#7. There's no one quite like William - I bet he's really kind. You can just tell by looking at him.

Kate Middleton

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#8. As corny as it sounds, I'm often pinching myself going, 'What great opportunities and great parts and great people that I've gotten to work with.'

Chris Messina

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#9. You don't know, but I'm noticing.

David Levithan

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#10. All that is good, all that is true, all that is beautiful, all that is beneficent, be it great or small, be it perfect or fragmentary, natural as well as supernatural, moral as well as material, comes from God.

John Henry Newman

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#11. The system should treat all user input as sacred.

Jef Raskin

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#12. For my grandfather

Quote from "INCUBUS"

The genealogical table is an important branch of life, and whether life's hand is bitter or sweet, it must be treated delicately.
- C.L. Cropper

Cheryl L. Cropper

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#13. The user interface on the iPhone, with all due respect for what this invention was all about is now five years old.

Thorsten Heins

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#14. It is time that the great center of our people, who reject the violence and unreasonableness of both the extreme right and the extreme left, searched their consciences, mustered their moral and physical courage, shed their intimidated silence, and declare their consciences.

Margaret Chase Smith

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#15. The leader is a teacher who succeeds without taking credit. And, because credit is not taken, credit is received.


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