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#1. Gascoigne, Ben Jonson, Greville, Raleigh, Donne,
Poets who wrote great poems, one by one,
And spaced by many years, each line an act
Through which few labor, which no men retract.
This passion is the scholar's heritage - Author: Yvor Winters
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#2. If you type 'Salt Flats' into YouTube, you'll find 100 amazing videos that were shot out there, but you won't find any that were shot in the rain. - Author: Casey Neistat
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#3. After Mengistu consolidated his power in 1978, his personality gradually began to change. His ability to listen and his patience faded away. We could now see these qualities were pretences only; he had been putting on his best behavior in his bid for support. - Author: Mengistu Haile Mariam
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#4. You know its bad when you give a half-demon the creeps. - Author: Inuyasha
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#5. I'm just as big a fool as the rest of them. - Author: Stephanie Perkins
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#6. Time is change; we measure its passage by how much things alter. - Author: Nadine Gordimer
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#7. The hardest game to win is a won game - Author: Emanuel Lasker
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#8. It's great to work in film and TV, and I love it, but there's nothing that can replace that instantaneous storytelling you get in theater. - Author: Pablo Schreiber
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#9. Popular culture is inescapable in the U.S. Why not use it? - Author: Don DeLillo
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#10. Black Sabbath invented heavy metal, in my opinion. - Author: Eddie Trunk
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#11. An accent, obviously, it's to do with the way your mouth works and the sounds that come out of your head, but somehow it informs everything about you, I think. - Author: David Tennant
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#12. Remember who you are. It's really okay to be who you are. - Author: Christina Ricci
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#13. The more I think about sex, the better it gets! - Author: Kate Bush
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#14. The thing about 'Star Trek' is that it is not judgmental. You can do what ever you want, within reason. - Author: Marina Sirtis
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#15. Skiffle was blues featuring a washboard and acoustic instruments. It encompassed blues, with elements of folk, jazz, and, at times, American country-and-western music. - Author: Van Morrison
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