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Top 9 Topes Lose Simpsons Quotes

#1. In mockery I have set
A powerful emblem up,
And sing it rhyme upon rhyme
In mockery of a time
Half dead at the top.

William Butler Yeats

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#2. A responsive audience is the best encouragement an actor can have.

Al Jolson

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#3. Ray Charles, who said to Stevie Wonder, Maybe we're white. Never got a dinner!

Red Buttons

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#4. If you're an American citizen and you decide to join up with ISIS, we're not going to read you your rights. You're going to be treated as an enemy combatant, a member of an army attacking this country.

Marco Rubio

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#5. There is nothing new about these Republican attacks on our family planning decisions. In fact, from the moment they came into power, Republicans in the House of Representatives have been waging a war on women's health.

Patty Murray

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#6. She is not the pilot. I know it now. She reminds me of my Official back in Oria. They both have in common their conviction that they are still learning, still growing, when in fact they have long ago lost that ability.

Ally Condie

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#7. Last night's homer was Stargell's 399th career home run, leaving him one shy of 500.

Jerry Coleman

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#8. A state-based regulatory system is quite burdensome. It allows price controls to create market distortions. It can hinder development of national products and can directly impact the competitiveness of U.S. insurers.

Henry Paulson

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#9. The future of the airlines lay in hauling people, not in hauling mail for the government.

C. R. Smith

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