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#1. It is a celebration of the fact that we were adopted for a purpose and that adoption is an experience that has the potential of teaching us some of life's richest and deepest lessons. - Author: Sherrie Eldridge
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#2. When liberty becomes license, dictatorship is near. - Author: Will Durant
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#3. In the excitement of trying on dresses she had forgotten Mammy's ironclad rule that, before going to any party, the O'Hara girls must be crammed so full of food at home they would be unable to eat any refreshments at the party. - Author: Margaret Mitchell
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#4. I never knew, not then, not now, whether Cassie thought she had hung up, or whether she wanted to hurt me, or whether she wanted to give me one last gift, one last night listening to her breathe. - Author: Tana French
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#5. There's anything I learned from studying philosophy, it's that everything turns to shit - but - Author: Kevin Hearne
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#6. Constantly talking isn't necessarily communicating. - Author: Charlie Kaufman
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#7. I would far prefer to be told simply to go and die. It's straightforward. But people almost never say, "Die!" Paltry, prudent hypocrites! - Author: Osamu Dazai
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#8. When 'Gas Food Lodging' was released, I had already shot 'Mi Vida Loca.' - Author: Allison Anders
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#9. While commentators on Fox and right-wing radio have the backing of Rupert Murdoch, a major Republican contributor, and other conservative corporations, progressives understand that their position is extremely vulnerable. - Author: Bernie Sanders
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#10. I think you're being selfish." "What do you mean, selfish?" Wally asked. "A war is for your country, it's serving your country!" "To you, it's an adventure," Candy said. "That's what's selfish about it. - Author: John Irving
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#11. Laura and I really don't realize how bright our children is sometimes until we get an objective analysis. - Author: George W. Bush
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#12. There is a largeness about mathematics that transcends race and time; mathematics may humbly help in the market-place, but it also reaches to the stars. - Author: Robert Turnbull
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#13. Those who are critical of my goals and dreams simply do not understand the higher purpose to which I have been called. - Author: Andy Andrews
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#14. I'm from Victorville - it's about an hour-and-a-half away from Los Angeles, up in the desert. They call it Victimville because it's kind of violent. It's a beautiful place, though. It's quiet. - Author: Keith Stanfield
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#15. To pray well is the better half of study. - Author: Martin Luther
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