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Top 10 Tony Bowls Quotes

#1. Evening fashions have to be fabulous.Don't be just better ... be the BEST.

Tony Bowls

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#2. Times change, years speed by, but Christmas continues sacred. It is through giving, rather than getting, that the spirit of Christ enters our lives. God still speaks. He prompts. He guides. He blesses. He gives.

Thomas S. Monson

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#3. It just happens that there is more employment for puppeteers in preschool television than anywhere else.

Stephanie D'Abruzzo

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#4. There's a word in Portuguese that my dad wrote about in one of his books: saudade.
It's the sadness you feel for something that isn't gone yet, but will be. The sadness of lost causes. The sadness of being alive.

Tommy Wallach

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#5. We don't want to create a literary ghetto in which black writers are only allowed to write black characters and women writers are put on 'girl books.'

G. Willow Wilson

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#6. Much of our understanding of God's action in our lives in achieved in hindsight. When a particular crisis or event in our life has passed we cry out in astonishment like Jacob, 'The Lord is in this place and I never knew it.

Sheila Cassidy

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#7. I was totally into football, totally into mainstream sports my whole life ... The media has tried to categorize me, call me a hippie, call me alternative. I work hard. My social life and beliefs don't get in the way of my training.

Gabe Jennings

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#8. He told me that love was the only thing that really mattered in the world.

Gabrielle Zevin

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#9. Although he's slight, he has that wiry strength that seems to come more from will than muscle.

Frances Mayes

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#10. People just usually think I'm someone else. They'll look at me twice, and I'll just say, 'Not Ellen Page.'

Shannon Woodward

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