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#1. Stand at the base and look up at 3,000 feet of blankness. It just looks like there's no way you can climb it. That's what you seek as a climber. You want to find something that looks absurd and figure out how to do it. - Author: Tommy Caldwell
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#2. I travel and climb about eight months a year. That's pretty great training in itself. When I am home, I do a lot of bouldering, gym climbing, and specific strength training in a effort to get stronger for climbing. - Author: Tommy Caldwell
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#3. If you don't own your grunt work, can you really say you've done the climb? - Author: Tommy Caldwell
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#4. The Dawn Wall and the Fitz Traverse were super-satisfying climbs. But I will always be searching for the next thing - the need to accomplish and explore are just woven into the fabric of who I am. - Author: Tommy Caldwell
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#5. El Capitan is the most chapping environment in the world: windy, cold, super dry. I wake up twice a night and reapply lotion to my hands. We sand our fingertips to keep them smooth. - Author: Tommy Caldwell
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#6. I have a passion for my work, and that sometimes triggers creative conflicts. - Author: Demi Moore
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#7. Through climbing, I've learned to find goals and work toward them. That's just the way I love to live. - Author: Tommy Caldwell
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#8. For me, I love to dream big, and I love to find ways to be a bit of an explorer. These days, it seems like everything is padded and comes with warning labels. - Author: Tommy Caldwell
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#9. In some ways, climbing in the clouds is comforting. You can no longer see how high off the ground you are. - Author: Tommy Caldwell
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#10. I have been to Switzerland a handful of times, and it is quickly becoming one of my favorite places to climb. - Author: Tommy Caldwell
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#11. You may have fucked a lot of women, James, but I'm your first lover. - Author: R.K. Lilley
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#12. In rock climbing, people get strong enough, and then they pick goals they can do with their strengths at that moment. - Author: Tommy Caldwell
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#13. Cross and resurrection are the South and North polls, true gospel polarities, of a single, undivided, salvation world. Remove either Paul and you've got salvation. - Author: Eugene H. Peterson
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#14. I have a very distinct goal all the time that I'm working toward, and I love the way it makes me live. - Author: Tommy Caldwell
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#15. I pretty much bailed on high school. I mean, I graduated, but I wasn't even there for my own graduation. - Author: Tommy Caldwell
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#16. My agent told me they were casting for the voice of Gollum. I hadnt read The Lord of the Rings, but I read the script and realized what an amazing role it was. I developed a voice for the audition tape, then met Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh at the auditions and fell in love with them both. - Author: Andy Serkis
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#17. It was obviously a pretty hectic development schedule and we put a huge team on to it but it paid off because we continuously get complemented on the finished product. - Author: Andrew Oliver
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#18. She could allow herself to think of Jim, too. To remember the energy and the excitement of life bursting from him, surrounding her, making her laugh and dream and think-- that's what he represented. Not security just hope. - Author: Kate Alcott
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#19. I don't like regressing - I move beyond. Life belongs to the future and I believe in creating History rather than visiting and revisiting the past. - Author: Amit Abraham
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#20. Words simply mean what people think they mean when they say them. - Author: Mike Brown
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#21. But today when I am 17 and warm and well fed, I'm keeping this journal for myself so I can always remember life as we knew it, life as we know it, for a time when I am no longer in the sunroom. - Author: Susan Beth Pfeffer
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#22. Many medical students, like most American patients, confuse science and technology. They think that what it means to be a scientific doctor is to bring to bear the maximum amount of technology on any given patient. And this makes them dangerous. - Author: Alice Dreger
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#23. Our blood will turn from red to blue, although our money is but new. - Author: Walter Annenberg
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#24. I have always let my motivation guide me, and that has served me well. Climbing has taught me how to thrive and created a life that I feel incredibly lucky to have. - Author: Tommy Caldwell
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#25. I grew up a clumsy kid with bad hand-eye coordination. Yet here on El Cap, I felt as though I had stumbled into a world where I thrived. Being up on those steep walls demanded the right amount of climbing skill, pain tolerance, and sheer bull-headedness that came naturally to me. - Author: Tommy Caldwell
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#26. To me; reading a book is like watching a movie. Once I start, I can't stop until it's over. - Author: Anonymous
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#27. I am at a climbing area called the Wendenstock in Switzerland. This area has some of the best quality multi-pitch climbing I have seen on limestone. There is about a two-hour approach on one of the steepest grass slopes I have ever seen. The setting is amazing. - Author: Tommy Caldwell
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#28. I used to hate to go to school, because when it was Friday afternoon and everybody was finished school, I knew I was going to work Saturday and Sunday. - Author: Riccardo Tisci
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#29. My wife always says that I function better up on a big wall than I do anywhere else in life. - Author: Tommy Caldwell
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#30. When you ask one friend to dine, give him your best wine. When you ask two, the second best will do. - Author: Matthew Pearl
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