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#1. I don't think there's a subject matter that can't absorb 3-D; that can't tolerate the addition of depth as a storytelling technique. - Author: Martin Scorsese
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#2. I don't want to be with someone boring because I'm always laughing. I like to play jokes on people and be sarcastic. - Author: Ashley Benson
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#3. In the beginning there was Logos ... and God of course. And it was all extremely boring for Logos because he could never beat God at any game ... - Author: Yannis Karatsioris
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#4. Living at that pitch, on that edge, is something which many poets engage in to some extent. - Author: Paul Muldoon
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#5. I once dressed up, very badly timed as Steve Irwin's daughter. And I didn't realize he had passed because I hadn't been following the news. I love Bindi Irwin, just the timing was in poor taste. - Author: Alysia Reiner
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#6. My life has shifted to different levels financially, in terms of fame as a result of being blessed enough to be able to share my music with the world, and what that has done for me. Despite all of that, I always want people to listen to my music and be able to relate to it as well as to me. - Author: Trey Songz
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#7. It's still his favorite dish, though. War and rancid meat. - Author: Angela Ricketts
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#8. Christ appeared alive on several occasions after the cataclysmic events of that first Easter. - Author: Josh McDowell
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#9. There is not Communism or Marxism, but representative democracy and social justice in a well-planned economy. - Author: Fidel Castro
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#10. You are the spiritual entity that emerges out of the material networks in your head. - Author: David Brooks
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#11. Be wise as thou art cruel, do not press My tongue-tied patience with too much disdain: Lest sorrow lend me words and words express, The manner of my pity-wanting pain ... - Author: William Shakespeare
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#12. Ye are different, Emma. I doona need ye in order to survive. But surviving is no' the same as living. Or the same as feeling human again. I am alive when I'm with you. Ye feed my soul. (Angus MacKay) - Author: Kerrelyn Sparks
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#13. Beauty comes from a life well lived. If you've lived well, your smile lines are in the right places, and your frown lines aren't too bad, what more do you need? - Author: Jennifer Garner
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#14. It's snowing still," said Eeyore gloomily.
"So it is."
"And freezing."
"Is it?"
"Yes," said Eeyore. "However," he said, brightening up a little, "we haven't had an earthquake lately. - Author: A.A. Milne
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