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Top 14 Toccatas Quotes

#1. Keep your feet on the ground, but let your heart soar as high as it will. Refuse to be average or to surrender to the chill of your spiritual environment.

Arthur Helps

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#2. I don't mind the low probability of success, but it better be impactful if we do succeed.

Vinod Khosla

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#3. There's a tendency on the part of Americans, all of us, to say, 'Hey, the Cold War is over, the Soviet Union is gone, we don't have to worry about these guys again.' We always have to be worried about them, we always have to be concerned about them, and we have to be well-informed.

Russ Feingold

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#4. I found the guy! After more than twenty years of being single and jerked around and cheated on and alone, I found my soul mate. Pardon my French, but you think I give a shit about the flowers?

Lauren Weisberger

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#5. I made such a fool of myself," she lamented.
"Love does not make you a fool."
"He didn't love me back."
"That does not make you a fool, either."
"Just tell me ... " Her voice cracked. "When does it stop hurting?"
"Sometimes never.

Mitch Albom

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#6. My cellphone calls random people.

Sarah Mlynowski

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#7. Much of her outrage derived from a belated recognition that she was as human as anyone else.

Katherine Boo

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#8. When you actually meet the devil and he offers you a deal most artists eventually negotiate.

Marc Maron

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#9. This was one of the best things about Lennon and McCartney, the competitive element within the team. It was great. But hard to live with.

Paul McCartney

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#10. That night the first frost of autumn struck Tucker's Grove. It crept up from the ground, snaring the fragile roots of plants. It emerged from the air, etching its signature on window-panes. A portent. The year was nearing its end. Things would die soon.

Kevin J. Anderson

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#11. Ico stared at Yorda's face. It was beautiful. He didn't dare breathe for fear of breaking the spell. Her eyes were sparkling.
Thank you.

Miyuki Miyabe

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#12. Fear and pain and suffering is not OK for any being to feel intentionally at the hands of us.

Leona Lewis

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#13. We have a lot of rule changes. I am part of the competition committee. We spent a lot time evaluating the game, how do we make the game better for our fans.

Ron Jaworski

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#14. Instead of complaining about what you don't like about your job, start commending what you do like and see how quickly it improves.

Napoleon Hill

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