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Top 18 Titanic Lifeboat Quotes

#1. I had forged her myself, out of brokenness, learning to love wildness instead of fearing it. To thrive on the exhilaration of the hunt, charging headlong into the world even when it hurt to do it. - Author: Paula McLain
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#2. The least strength suffices to break what is bruised. - Author: Ovid
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#3. Freemasonry is an institution founded on eternal reason and truth; whose deep basis is the civilization of mankind, and whose everlasting glory it is to have the immovable support of those two mighty pillars, science and morality. - Author: George Washington
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#4. An important and fundamental premise of the American judicial system is the presumption of innocence, that is until proven guilty. - Author: DMX
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#5. You're the most open girl in our whole school."
"I don't think she meant that in a good way. - Author: Gwen Hayes
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#6. He was just one of those rare guys who could be both a gentleman and a badass. - Author: Richelle Mead
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#7. She was lucky if he stood behind her. Not so lucky if he came to crush her. And a woman might only learn the truth of it - when he walked out of her life.
Highlighted by 9 Kindle users - Author: Lenore Wolfe
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#8. The United States is like the Titanic, and I'm here with the lifeboat trying to get people to leave the ship ... I see a real financial crisis coming for the United States. - Author: Peter Schiff
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#9. Yon Sun that sets upon the sea We follow in his flight; Farewell awhile to him and thee, My native land-Good Night! - Author: Lord Byron
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#10. We have little bags we pack specifically for touch-up makeup if you're chosen for the top 16. I knew I had to sneak in my banana because nothing calms my nerves like it! I don't know if it's the potassium, but I need it before I get on stage because it always calms me down. - Author: Olivia Culpo
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#11. My mustache has become this weird iconic representation of a certain era. - Author: John Oates
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#12. Titanic got 14 nominations one per lifeboat. - Author: Jim Mullen
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#13. Ben Affleck exec-produced a documentary for HBO called 'Reporter' about my 2007 win-a-trip journey. I take the trip each year partly to encourage young people to think about global humanitarian issues: I think blogs by a student may be more compelling for that audience than my own work. - Author: Nicholas Kristof
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#14. Well, that's the tackiest color I've ever seen, and we'll have half the town talking about us, but if it can lift May's heart like that, I guess she aught to live inside it. - Author: Sue Monk Kidd
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#15. Every time I sat in a chemistry lesson, I thought, 'What am I doing this for? I don't ever want to be in a job that involves a Bunsen burner.' - Author: Simon Cowell
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#16. If you're going to have a character appear in a story long enough to sell a newspaper, he'd better be real enough that you can smell his breath. - Author: Ford Madox Ford
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#17. Did he teach you how to bore you opponents to sleep? Because I think I missed that lesson - Allie - Author: Julie Kagawa
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#18. It's like being on the Titanic and seeing there's only one lifeboat left. - Author: Harry Redknapp
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