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#1. You get right down to it, writing is no means to self-help. It's scarcely a passing attempt at self-help. - Author: Haruki Murakami
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#2. A true friend has your best interests at heart and the pluck to tell you what you need to hear. - Author: E.A. Bucchianeri
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#3. You may think that you've lost your passion, or that you can't identify it, or that you have so much of it, it threatens to overwhelm you. None of these is true. Fear saps passion. When we conquer our fears, we discover a boundless, bottomless, inexhaustible well of passion. - Author: Steven Pressfield
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#4. Whatever vices and corruptions men see in the lives of their ministers will not be attributed to the depravity of their old nature which still abides in them, but to the gospel. - Author: John Owen
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#5. We were very happy; and that evening, as the last of its race, and destined evermore to close that volume of my life, will never pass out of my memory. - Author: Charles Dickens
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#6. Islam never tells people to go out and kill other people. - Author: Abderrahmane Sissako
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#7. I left Princeton, but I graduated Harvard, in 1952. - Author: Harry Mathews
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#8. If I ever wrote a book, people would never believe it. - Author: Dick Dale
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#9. The main advantage of the omniscient approach is that it's the easiest to handle. That's the major reason so many writers select it. - Author: Arthur Herzog
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#10. Satisfied needs do not motivate. It's only the unsatisfied need that motivates. Next to physical survival, the greatest need of a human being is psychological survival - to be understood, to be affirmed, to be validated, to be appreciated. - Author: Stephen Covey
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#11. The process is about leadership and about taking people to places that they cannot get to on their own, while they are still feeling comfortably in control of a buying decision - Author: Michelle Moore
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#12. She had found him and was bringing back his thanks. Nor did she forget to mention that he had assured her that she was indeed the most beautiful fairy he had ever set eyes on. - Author: Cornelia Funke
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#13. Al Qaeda is on the run, partly because the United States is in Afghanistan, pushing on al Qaeda, and working internationally to cut off the flow of funds to al Qaeda. They are having a difficult time. They failed in this endeavor. - Author: Ed Royce
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