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#1. If you've 'eard the East a-callin', why you won't 'eed nothin' else.
No! you won't 'eed nothin' else, but them spicy garlic smells, an' the sunshine an' the palm trees, an' the tinkly temple-bells. - Author: Rudyard Kipling
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#2. Let Art be your weapon, and you would never be defeated. - Author: Bam Zakariya
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#3. Greece will not manage to get back on its feet without restructuring its debt. There is no way around it. The country's creditors will have to reduce a portion of its debts by extending maturity dates, lowering interest rates or giving them what's called a 'haircut' in financial jargon. - Author: Peer Steinbruck
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#4. Children generally hate to be idle; all the care then is that their busy humour should be constantly employed in something of use to them - Author: John Locke
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#5. I want to be an actor, and I am being an actor. I'm not ready to run off on a road trip. Yet. - Author: Liane Balaban
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#6. Pretty much, I am always open to input from everyone; although I don't require it, the feedback is conducive to getting the play together. - Author: Jimmi Simpson
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#7. A woman in love respects and raises up her man. She is his constant source of support. She matches his heart and passions with her own. She sees the very best in him, even when he does not. She is his foundation; what he returns home to. - Author: Elizabeth Bourgeret
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#8. I care about America. I care about the people that can't find jobs. I care about my 20 grandkids and what kind of America they are going to have. - Author: Mitt Romney
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#9. The "feminine" woman is forever static and childlike. She is like the ballerina in an old-fashioned music box, her unchanging features tiny and girlish, her voice tinkly, her body stuck on a pin, rotating in a spiral that will never grow. - Author: Susan Faludi
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#10. I spent about a year and a half doing technical post work on 'The Fountain'. Although I do like the process, I think my favorite part of filmmaking is the actors. - Author: Darren Aronofsky
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#11. And what voluntary organizations exist to help you rehabilitate afterward. - Author: Douglas Adams
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