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#1. Mostly it would be those who rode in a particular even would hang out with those who rode in the same event. - Author: Chris LeDoux
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#2. But Maggie, your aura does seem terribly dark. You should come to my office sometime this week and we can do a cleansing." "My aura can't help it, Gran. It feels fat in anything but black. - Author: Lexi Ryan
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#3. I'm a former bulimic myself and it's a horrible, horrible addiction. - Author: Janice Dickinson
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#4. If I was the governor of New Jersey, the George Washington Bridge would not have been shut. - Author: Donald Trump
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#5. I can hope that this long sad story, this progression of priests and ministers and rabbis and ulamas and imams and bonzes and bodhisattvas, will come to an end. I hope this is something to which science can contribute ... it may be the most important contribution that we can make. - Author: Steven Weinberg
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#6. As you feel bad, and don't make any effort to change your thoughts and feel better, you are in effect saying, "Bring me more circumstances that will make me feel bad. Bring it on! - Author: Rhonda Byrne
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#7. Successful witnessing is taking the initiative to share Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit and leaving the results to God. - Author: Bill Bright
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#8. I escape disaster by writing a poem with a joke in it:
The past, present, and future walk into a bar - it was tense. - Author: Kelli Russell Agodon
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#9. Take care of your relationships and the sales/money will take care of itself. - Author: Robin Sharma
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#10. We have to be mindful that there is the certainty that terrorists will attempt to launch multiple attacks against their enemy, which is us and our allies. - Author: Cofer Black
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#12. I'm a big fan of Albert Brooks, Nichols and May. I'd like to follow in their footsteps and do comedy films. - Author: Illeana Douglas
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#13. Violence is immoral because it thrives on hatred rather than love. It destroys community and makes brotherhood impossible. It leaves society in monologue rather than dialogue. Violence ends up defeating itself. It creates bitterness in the survivors and brutality in the destroyers. - Author: Martin Luther King Jr.
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#14. Brain surgery is not like politics and vice versa. - Author: Christopher Michael Cillizza
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