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#1. Still, she would not have married a man she knew full well did not love her, had there seemed any possible hope of a future with one who did. A man she had loved with every fragment of her broken heart. - Author: Julie Klassen
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#2. It is, of course, extremely interesting to look back across the years questioningly, wonderingly, objectively, without detachments, though seeing "objectively" does not necessarily imply seeing truthfully. - Author: Algernon Blackwood
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#3. I've helped many, many, many children, thousands of children, cancer kids, leukemia kids. - Author: Michael Jackson
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#4. you don't sell your soul to the devil unless part of you is already a little dead inside. - Author: Clarisse Thorn
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#5. Redemption was an ugly, down-in-the-dirt, every single day sort of thing. - Author: Mary Jane Hathaway
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#6. A story is only as good as its villain. - Author: Luke Taylor
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#7. I always try to pick my parts to be as diverse as I can, and especially when you do 'Game of Thrones' for so many months of the year. - Author: Richard Madden
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#8. Rationality is not one of this industry's attributes. - Author: Scott Hamilton
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#9. I don't worry. I'm more stoical. Of course I have insecurities. I fear getting older. I fear death and illness. I'm not prone to depression, but I get depressed because everybody gets depressed. Suddenly I'm away from my family or doing a job I'm not enjoying. - Author: David Thewlis
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#10. Somewhere, somehow, somebody must have kicked you around some. Tell me, why you want to lay there, revel in your abandon? - Author: Tom Petty
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#11. What did she say? Just what she ought, of course. A lady always does - Author: Jane Austen
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#12. It is not they who have closed but I. I've cut myself away. I'm alone, and lonely. What frightens me is that I've not become lonely now, but have looked inside and seen that I was, already. How long has that been going on? - Author: China Mieville
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