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Top 11 Time Management Short Quotes

#1. To ask may be but a moment's shame, not to ask and remain ignorant is a lifelong shame. - Author: Kano Jigoro
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#2. I love when girls wear print-on-print. It looks so cool. - Author: Liberty Ross
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#3. Feeling leads to understanding, understanding leads to sympathizing, sympathizing leads to action, and with action, we can change the world. - Maya Dehlin - Author: John Meyer
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#4. No man can be a good citizen unless he has a wage more than sufficient to cover the bare cost of living, and hours of labor short enough so after his day's work is done he will have time and energy to bear his share in the management of the community, to help in carrying the general load. - Author: Theodore Roosevelt
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#5. Thought is the measure of life. - Author: Charles Godfrey Leland
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#6. The problem in child care, which really all of us are going to have to think hard on, is that there is no really great solution that we can come up with for ages zero to three. - Author: Edward Zigler
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#7. My statement to Harris that his book contains much to admire is specious hyperbole. In The End of Faith, Harris rails against religious fundamentalism, which seems obvious, as well as against religious moderates, which seems intolerant. - Author: Nick Flynn
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#8. Hear not fear.
Fear not here. - Author: Khang Kijarro Nguyen
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#9. The whole thing about making films in an organic film on location is that it's not all about characters, relationships and themes, it's also about place and the poetry of place. It's about the spirit of what you find, the accidents of what you stumble across. - Author: Mike Leigh
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#10. What I think about vivisection is that if people admit that they have the right to take or endanger the life of living beings for the benefit of many, there will be no limit to their cruelty. - Author: Leo Tolstoy
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#11. Don't forget the snow in the summertime, because you will meet him again when the summer is over! - Author: Mehmet Murat Ildan
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