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#1. A joke is a witticism or play on words that's meant to be funny. I say 'meant to be' because most jokes aren't funny. They range between mildly amusing and grimace-inducingly annoying. - Author: Michael Monroe
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#2. If you don't know by now, you're never going to know. - Author: Jermaine Dupri
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#3. Decree now, and say it meaningly: "From this moment forward, I will admit to my mind for mental consumption only those ideas and thoughts that heal, bless, inspire, and strengthen - Author: Joseph Murphy
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#4. The rich man who gives to the poor does not bestow alms but pays a debt. - Author: Ambrose
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#5. Because sometimes the best leaders are the ones who have no interest in leading. Those are often the ones who are most interested in doing what is right, not what is popular. - Author: Joelle Charbonneau
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#6. You should do what you have to do. - Author: Jillian Barberie
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#7. No matter how high you reach in this life, it is always better to live closer to the earth. - Author: K.A. Hosein
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#8. The last door on the second story was the exception. Fresh gold letters:


Mahoney sat inside. The only associate was the fifth of rye residing in his bottom desk drawer. - Author: Tim Dorsey
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#9. What a splendid little war! - Author: John Hayes
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#10. Young men go to war. Sometimes because they have to, sometimes because they want to. Always, they feel they are supposed to. This comes from the sad, layered stories of life, which over the centuries have seen courage confused with picking up arms, and cowardice confused with laying them down. - Author: Mitch Albom
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#11. Sometimes this genius goes dark and drowns in the bitter wells of his heart. - Author: Clemens Brentano
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#12. we are usually surrounded by so much inner and outer noise that it is hard to truly hear our God when he is speaking to us. - Author: Henri J.M. Nouwen
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#13. Do you ever think you might be a different species of human, knitted out of raw DNA in a laboratory like in The Island of Doctor Moreau, and then turned loose to see if you can pass yourself off as normal or not? - Author: David Mitchell
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#14. Below us somewhere in the gelatinous phantasmagoria of churning blue, the whales wouldn't be much aware of the storm. - Author: Diane Ackerman
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#15. My undergraduate education, at the City College in New York, was made possible only by the existence of that excellent free institution and the financial sacrifices of my parents. - Author: Kenneth Joseph Arrow
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#16. The only deadly sin I know is cynicism. - Author: Henry L. Stimson
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