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#1. He who every morning plans the transactions of that day and follows that plan carries a thread that will guide him through the labyrinth of the most busy life. - Author: Victor Hugo
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#2. The stories she'd read of others' lives over these last few months had left her with a greater appreciation for the thread of her own life. - Author: Masha Hamilton
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#3. I shall think myself blessed only when I see Him in every one of my daily acts; Verily He is the thread which supports Muktanand's life. - Author: Mahatma Gandhi
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#4. When you're dying, even your unhappiest memories can induce a sort of fondness, as if delight is not confined to the good times, but is woven through your days like a skein of gold thread. - Author: Cory Taylor
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#5. I picked at one of the buttons on my vest until the thread unraveled and it fell into my palm. Memo to self- buy a sewing kit to stitch my life back together. - Author: Anita Higman
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#6. Life is before you,- not earthly life alone, but life- a thread running interminably through the warp of eternity. - Author: J.G. Holland
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#7. Every thread you discover in the local web of life leads beyond your place to life elsewhere. - Author: Scott Sanders
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#8. Creation and healing are born of the same thread. Bringing something to life can sometimes heal the soul, while still honoring what a person has lost. - Author: Keri Lake
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#9. Each thread of life that you leave, will spin around your deeds and dictate your needs. - Author: Don McLean
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#10. In Alexander's life there was one thread that could not be broken by death, by distance, by time, by war. Could not be broken. As long as I am in the world, she said with her breath and her body, as long as I am, you are permanent, soldier. - Author: Paullina Simons
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#11. Daniel's desk by the window is piled high with his drawings. The artwork is everything. He thinks of himself as the act of drawing. His body of work is his life, it is his continuity. The drawings show outwardly that inner place where he is still alive, a thread to connect him with the world. - Author: J.J. Brown
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#12. I'll always stay connected with Apple. I hope that throughout my life I'll sort of have the thread of my life and the thread of Apple weave in and out of each other, like a tapestry. There may be a few years when I'm not there, but I'll always come back. - Author: Steve Jobs
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#13. Time doth run with calm and silent foot,
Shortening my days and thread of vital life. - Author: Christopher Marlowe
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#14. He who is false to the present duty breaks a thread in the loom, and you will see the effect when the weaving of a life-time is unraveled. - Author: William Ellery Channing
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#15. Life's experiences are not woven with a constant thread; Life in our world is constantly changing. We must repurpose what we have endured and the lessons we have learned; creating a renewed sense of hope. Life is what it is. The question is... What are you willing to do to change your life? - Author: Brian Michael Good
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#16. Maybe, if I had lied all those years ago, my life could have followed a very different path. But as it is I faithfully follow the long, long thread the Fates have woven for me. - Author: Rosie Pugh
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#17. Drugged to sleep by repetition of the diurnal
round, the monotonous sorrow of the finite,
within I am awake
repairing in dirt the frayed immaculate thread
forced by being to watch the birth of suns - Author: Frank Bidart
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#18. Life resembles Gobelin tapestry; you do not see the canvass on the right side; but when you turn it, the threads are visible. - Author: Madame De Stael
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#19. Life is a great tapestry. The individual is only an insignificant thread in an immense and miraculous pattern. - Author: Albert Einstein
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#20. In mythic terms, the earth is a place of mystery and wonder where life always hangs by a thread and
all the events of history are loosely stitched upon the endless loom of eternity. Secretly, we are each tied to the divine. - Author: Michael Meade
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#21. The norns are goddesses of fate, of love and hate; they are weaving on the loom of destiny. All the lives of people and gods, past and present, are woven on their loom. Your thread of life was long ago spun and placed in their great image. - Author: John Snow
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#22. there was a reason for everything that happened and that all of those reasons were like threads that, over time, wove together into the pattern of a person's life. Every thread was necessary for the final pattern to be complete. - Author: Erin Nicholas
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#23. The truth about people at every economic level of life is you get those who are kind and who are not, those who are greedy, whether they be rich or poor. That's a common thread through humanity on any street you go to. - Author: Gavid Hood
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#24. There was never a promise that race relations in America would be entirely resolved during my presidency or anybody's presidency. I mean, this has been a running thread - and - and fault line in American life and American politics since its founding. - Author: Barack Obama
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#25. Our love has been the thread through the
labyrinth, the net under the high-wire walker, the only real thing in this strange life of mine that I could ever trust. - Author: Audrey Niffenegger
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#26. Raise them up, and watch them do the same thing, generation after generation, so that when you die you know you are permanently a part of the great web of life. That you are not a loose thread, snipped off. - Author: Orson Scott Card
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#27. Not everything that happens during the day is an open portending a good or evil development in the future, but everything has meaning to one degree or another, for the world is an ever-weaving tapestry from which no thread can be pulled without destroying the integrity of the cloth. - Author: Dean Koontz
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#28. I always felt that the most common thread in my life from when I was young until now has been a highly observant, very analytical mind. - Author: Carrie Brownstein
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#29. Each of us has a purpose for living beyond our own survival and pleasure. Every individual is like a thread in a beautiful tapestry with a vital contribution to make, not only to the sustenance of life as we know it, but in the creation and development of more beneficial expressions of life. - Author: John Templeton
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#30. When will I realize that without God my world is draped in shadows between which there is not a single ray of light? And when will I recognize that with God, my world is deluged in light between which there is not a single thread of darkness? - Author: Craig D. Lounsbrough
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#31. Excuse me if I'm clinging on to life, but my parents wove me from tight thread. - Author: Jeanne Calment
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#32. I have learned that each and every piece of cloth embodies the spirit, skill, and personal history of an individual weaver. . . . It ties together with an endless thread the emotional life of my people. - Author: Nilda Callanaupa Alvarez
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#33. You don't understand how fragile life is. You don't realize that the thread breaks between one moment and the next. - Author: Julia Quinn
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#34. The first thing I remember about the world and I pray that it may be the last is that I was a stranger in it. This feeling, which everyone has in some degree, and which is, at once, the glory and desolation of homo sapiens , provides the only thread of consistency that I can detect in my life. - Author: Malcolm Muggeridge
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#35. Life and death are one thread, the same line viewed from different sides. - Author: Lao-Tzu
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#36. This is one of the charms of the desert, that removing as it does nearly all the accessories of life, we see the thin thread of necessities on which our human existence is suspended ... - Author: Freya Stark
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#37. Love is the thread with which we connect to the world. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#38. People naturally impose a narrative story-line upon their experiences. Autobiographical writing allows a person to cast their experiences into a narrative thread and organize their thoughts based not upon conjecture but with applied reason. - Author: Kilroy J. Oldster
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#39. Love is a thread that ties us together. Separation makes this thread much stronger. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#40. You can weave your life so long
only so long, and then a thing in the world out of your control will tug at one vital thread and leave you patternless and subdued. - Author: Patricia A. McKillip
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#41. The Sewing Machine Charm

To A Life Bound by Family, The Thread That Ties Us All Together - Author: Viola Shipman
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#42. Life and death are one thread ... - Author: Laozi
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#43. Solitude is a human presumption. Every quiet step is thunder to beetle life underfoot, a tug of impalpable thread on the web pulling mate to mate and predator to prey, a beginning or an end. Every choice is a world made new for the chosen. - Author: Barbara Kingsolver
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#44. Lay aside all conceit Learn to read the book of Nature for yourself. Those who have succeeded best have followed for years some slim thread which once in a while has broadened out and disclosed some treasure worth a life-long search. - Author: Louis Agassiz
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#45. Everybody was so kind. Strong, too. In the darkest days, the Lord puts the best people into your life."
"Quick, give me a throw pillow and some thread because that needs to be an Encouragement, - Author: John Green
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#46. Putting the past behind you isn't like stuffing something in the back of a drawer or trimming a loose thread. The past has a life of its own. - Author: Maggie Mitchell
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#47. Does a human life, a "personality," exist as a single thread that can be followed through time? Is the "me" of 20 years ago the same "me" that exists now? Will I still be me in 20 years? - Author: Dan Chaon
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#48. The curious double strands in Farfrae's thread of life - the commercial and the romantic - were very distinct at times. Like the colours in a variegated cord those contrasts could be seen intertwisted, yet not mingling. - Author: Thomas Hardy
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#49. Could there be a slenderer, more insignificant thread in human history than this consciousness of a girl, busy with her small inferences of the way in which she could make her life pleasant? - Author: George Eliot
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#50. More than anything, that's been the thread through my life - the desire to write, the impulse to write. I mean, it's taken me other places, but it was the impulse to write that led me to singing. - Author: Patti Smith
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#51. He was not going to move on until she let go of him, of her guilt. And that was one thing she could not do. If she lost that, she would lose the thread that had sewn her new life together. She would become that careless, cruel person she had been before. - Author: Sarah Addison Allen
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#52. Love is the very foundation, beauty and fulfillment of life. If we dive deep enough into ourselves, we will find that the one thread of universal love ties all beings together. As this awareness dawns within us, peace alone will reign. - Author: Mata Amritanandamayi
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#53. Life is uncertainty and struggle, choice and change; one who knew how her life was woven into the Pattern as well as she knew how a thread was laid into a carpet would have the life of an animal. If she did not go mad. Humankind is made for uncertainty, struggle, choice and change. - Author: Robert Jordan
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#54. NATO has been a thread throughout my life. - Author: Madeleine Albright
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#55. Purpose is the thread that connects the dots to everything you do that leads you to an extraordinary life. - Author: Oprah Winfrey
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#56. Anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that 'my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.' - Author: Isaac Asimov
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#57. It seemed to him that there was a scarlet thread running through the fabric of life, one that joined events across the years, piercing human hearts and plunging underground, only to reemerge without warning, a thread connecting lives and sometimes dates. - Author: Douglas Wynne
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#58. Quoting Father Seraphim:
Our life hangs only by a breath. It is the thread that links you to the Father, the Source, which brought you into being. Be conscious of this thread, and go where you will. (27) - Author: Jean-Yves Leloup
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#59. The life we're given is on a thread, so wear it well. - Author: Benny Bellamacina
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#60. The gene 'klotho' was named after the Greek Fate purported to spin the thread of life, because it contributes to longevity. - Author: Craig Venter
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#61. Pain reconciles one to existence. Infinite resignation is that shirt in the old fable. The thread is spun with tears, bleached by tears, the shirt sewn in tears, but then it also gives better protection than iron. The secret in life is that everyone must sew it for himself. - Author: Soren Kierkegaard
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#62. The painting is like a thread that runs through all the reasons for all the other things that make one's life. - Author: Georgia O'Keeffe
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#63. Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect. - Author: Chief Seattle
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#64. A lot of people have said that the main thread in my work is loneliness or just wanting to create a world with someone who doesn't really have much in their life, so maybe I'm looking for someone who's lonely and wants to try to create something with me as a subject for my videos. - Author: Laurel Nakadate
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#65. All human things hang on a slender thread, the strongest fall with a sudden crash. - Author: Ovid
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#66. At the same time, most of what government does that helps them is now so deeply woven into the thread of daily life that it's no longer recognizable as government. - Author: Robert B. Reich
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#67. The crimson thread of God's love that weaves its way throughout the story of His mercy in our life, stands out against the backdrop of the darkness which invades any valley. - Author: Amy E. Tobin
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#68. The patient person accepts a certain amount of failure knowing that it is as important a thread in the fabric of life as is success. Great individuals make great successes out of failure. - Author: Denis Waitley
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#69. Mike was right: the pattern of life isn't a straight line; it crosses and recrosses, drawing in and tying together other lives, as I do when I gather in the ends of my thread to make a knot. - Author: Benedict Freedman
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#70. And of course, in my writing, there is the constant theme of music, love of, preoccupation with, music. Music is the single thread making my life into a coherency. - Author: Philip K. Dick
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#71. Is it not folly, Spider-like to spin
The Thread of present Life away to win-
What? for ourselves, who know not if we shall
Breathe out the very Breath we now breathe in! - Author: Omar Khayyam
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#72. I waited for him to pick up the thread again - and when he didn't, we sat there peacefully, while I sipped my cooling tea (Lapsang Souchong, smoky and peculiar) and felt the strangeness of my life, and where I was. - Author: Donna Tartt
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#73. All the principles of heaven and earth are living inside you. Life itself is truth, and this will never change. Everything in heaven and earth breathes. Breath is the thread that ties creation together. - Author: Morihei Ueshiba
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#74. Healthy choices thread through every aspect of life. - Author: Mary Anne Radmacher
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#75. The visible action is not the self-manifestation of the inward life, but only a weak and crude attempt of a single thread to make a show of representing the whole. - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
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#76. A study in scarlet, eh? Why shouldn't we use a little art jargon? There's the scarlet thread of murder running through the colourless skein of life, and our duty is to unravel it, and isolate it, and expose every inch of it. - Author: Arthur Conan Doyle
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#77. The Wheel of Time weaves the Pattern of the Ages, and lives are the threads it weaves. No one can tell how the thread of his own life will be woven into the Pattern, or how the thread of a people will be woven. - Author: Robert Jordan
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#78. I see people with Asperger's syndrome as a bright thread in the rich tapestry of life. - Author: Tony Attwood
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#79. Kindness is a net without thread; surround everyone with it. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#80. One could say it is our destiny, our fate within the human condition to always hold onto hope of redemption even if it is the last thread that connects us to life. - Author: Joe Hart
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#81. You have been with me from the very first life. You are my first memory every time, the single thread in all of my lives. It's you who makes me a person. - Author: Ann Brashares
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#82. What saved me then? Nothing but pregnancy. And each time after I had given birth to my work my life hung suspended by a thin thread. - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
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#83. There are days when I think there really is some huge great tapestry of a plan out there and we're all woven into it - this fabulous, complex pattern of life and death, full of recurring motifs and waves of color, and we're each one tiny thread in the weave. - Author: Jane Johnson
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#84. The spirituality that I experience sometimes touches on religion, in that I resonate with the thread of continuity that permeates through all religions. But in terms of it being a concretized, organized part of my life, it's not. - Author: Alanis Morissette
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#85. A memoir is a book about some particular thread or theme or moment in a person's life, whereas an autobiography is the entire life. - Author: Richard Hell
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#86. Look at 4chan culture, which is the ultimate version of shedding your IRL [in real life] identity - you don't even keep a consistent screen name from thread to thread. That's very important to them, this belief in the possibility that what I do online is completely separate from who I really am. - Author: Arthur Chu
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#87. Lives are only one with living. How dare we, in our egos, claim catastrophe in the rise and fall of the individual entity? There is only Life, and we are beads strung on its strong and endless thread. - Author: Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings
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#88. So it isn't I who am master of my life, I am just one of the threads to be woven into life's calico! Well then, even if I cannot spin, I can at least cut the thread in two. - Author: Soren Kierkegaard
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#89. Thread of Selfishness in Web of Life. - Deuteronomy contains much instruction regarding what the law is to us, and the relation we shall sustain to God as we reverence and obey - Author: Ellen G. White
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#90. Life. As solid and as strong as a rock one minute, then hanging by a thread the next - Author: Alan Titchmarsh
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#91. Life is fragile and holds on by a thread. Remember all those in despair and say a prayer that they will have the hope to find the help that they need
Bullying Ben - Author: Timothy Pina
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#92. Life hangs from so slender a thread. Life is but a sigh ... - Author: Marjane Satrapi
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#93. The griefs that have been hardest for me were the ones I didn't recognize as griefs, because they came in what were supposed to be the best times of my life. No one whispered in my ear that the best times, the ones that change our lives, are woven with the thread of loss. - Author: Anna White
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#94. You do not set a high enough value on yourself if you think a man who loves you should not weave you into the fabric of his life with every thread. - Robert Service to Constance MacLean, 1903 (age 28) - Author: David Eso
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#95. For Fate has wove the thread of life with pain,
And twins ev'n from the birth are Misery and Man! - Author: Homer
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#96. Our days and years are strung upon
The thread that runs so true.
The game of life is played and
Lost to love.
-Nancy Janes
Nancy Janes - Author: Nancy Janes
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#97. Human life is a continuous thread which each of us spins to his own pattern, rich and complex in meaning. There are no natural knots in it. Yet knots form, nearly always in adolescence. - Author: Edgar Friedenberg
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#98. Every single man hangs by a thread, a bottomless pit can open beneath him any minute, and yet he still goes on thinking up unpleasantnesses for himself and making a mess of his life. - Author: Ivan Turgenev
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#99. And once you live a good story, you get a taste for a kind of meaning in life, and you can't go back to being normal; you can't go back to meaningless scenes stitched together by the forgettable thread of wasted time. - Author: Donald Miller
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#100. Every man hangs by a thread, any minute the abyss may open under his feet, and yet he must go and invent for himself all kinds of troubles and spoil his life. - Author: Ivan Turgenev
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