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Top 15 Thought Catalog Quotes

#1. A society of 'children first' is a society that nurtures smiling faces in everyone. - Author: Yoshihiko Noda
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#2. The only problem with getting married is that we can't fornicate anymore. - Author: David Hoffman
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#3. Oratory is just like prostitution: you must have little tricks. - Author: Vittorio Emanuele Orlando
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#4. A man rarely knows the day and hour when he will die. I could be killed any moment and there's not a blasted thing I can do about it. - Author: Christopher Paolini
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#5. The only influence that can really upset the injustice and iniquity of men is the power that breathes in the Christian tradition, renewing our participation in the Life that is the Light of men. - Author: Thomas Merton
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#6. Before you can inspire with emotion, you must be swamped with it yourself. Before you can move their tears, your own must flow. To convince them, you must yourself, believe. - Author: Winston S. Churchill
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#7. Plants grow most in the darkest hours preceding dawn; so do human souls. Nature always pays for a brave fight. Sometimes she pays in strengthened moral muscle, sometimes in deepened spiritual insight, sometimes in a broadening, mellowing, sweetening of the fibres of character, - but she always pays. - Author: William George Jordan
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#8. Political freedom is neither easy nor automatic, neither pleasant nor secure. It is the responsibility of the individual for the decisions of society as if they were his own decisions-as
in moral truth and accountability they are. - Author: Peter Drucker
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#9. A fool always finds a greater fool to admire him. - Author: Nicolas Boileau
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#10. Don't be afraid to make mistakes. But if you do, make new ones. Life is too short to make the wrong choice twice. - Author: Joyce Rachelle
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#11. I love the rhythm of tap dancing. It's sharp and quick. Plus, the sound is very appealing. - Author: Aubrey Peeples
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#12. I'm a sucker for Thought Catalog. Shelby Fero is really funny on Twitter. And Patton Oswalt, he's sort of like a Twitter throb. - Author: Addison Timlin
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#13. I first emailed Tao Lin a story I wrote about the experience of losing my virginity sometime in April 2011. He didn't respond until it was later published on Thought Catalog, after which he sent me an email that said something very similar to, "I enjoyed reading this on Thought Catalog. Good job." - Author: Marie Calloway
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#14. Holy Abercrombie catalog, Megan thought. - Author: Kate Brian
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#15. Go outside occasionally to smoke a cigarette. It's a good way to make friends, it makes you look cool, and you're already dead on the inside, anyway. - Author: Thought Catalog
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