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#1. It used to be that phrases and lines would come into my head, often many of them in a period of five days or a week, and maybe I didn't know what I was talking about, but the words had a kind of heaviness or deliciousness to them. - Author: Donald Hall
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#2. William Kowalski is the kind of storyteller you don't see quite enough these days. The yarn spinner with a generous soul. The Hundred Hearts is a moving, humane adventure about the price of personal connections and the costs of sacrifice. I tore through this bad boy in two short nights. - Author: Victor LaValle
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#3. If you take care of yourself, 60 is nothing for women these days. In today's world you can be the kind of woman you want to be ... Of course, I've aged a bit in the face, but not enough to worry about it. I've common sense enough to know that if I'm nearly 70 something has to give. - Author: Tina Turner
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#4. You can't do that kind of thing normally, but normal dumped without a note nearly a month ago. These days, I'll happily set fire to a bridge the second after I've crossed it - I don't plan on being around for the consequences to catch up with me. - Author: D.D. Barant
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#5. I go to the gym five days a week and I have a personal trainer. I am on a strict diet, which is kind of hard to keep up with on the road, but I stick to it as well as I can. - Author: Lou Gramm
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#6. There are days that I get neurotic with the violin. Every little adjustment will change the balance for good or for bad. It's kind of a miracle, the way the whole thing works as an acoustical whole, so perfectly balanced. - Author: Joshua Bell
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#7. Endometriosis is notoriously difficult to diagnose because the symptoms are perverse. A woman with mild endometriosis can be in an agony for days every month (or every day for every month); women with the severe kind can have hardly any pain at all, like me. - Author: Rose George
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#8. Music and fashion have had a kind of incestuous relationship since the Fifties. It started with people like Elvis Presley and pop icons like James Dean. Then it exploded in the MTV days. Now, with the Internet, it's instantaneous. - Author: John Varvatos
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#9. In the early days, I promoted the idea of spending time in libraries to gain facts that other investors didn't have. Not many people did that kind of research, so it worked. - Author: Kenneth Fisher
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#10. Let's enjoy these aimless days while we can, I told myself, fearing some kind of deft acceleration. - Author: Don DeLillo
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#11. I am less blindly confident than I once was, for I have been learning a truer estimate of myself, my failings and limitations, in these dark days. I have learnt to hope that if there be a Judgment Day of some kind, God will not see us with our own eyes, nor judge us as we judge ourselves. - Author: Vera Brittain
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#12. My kind do not spend their days at craft or art. Our deepest desire is not for the making of a thing, nor for the thing itself. Rather, we thrive on the skills of those who make. We steal that time and that power, and we turn it to our own souls, and that is how we grow. - Author: E.K. Johnston
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#13. They don't want to get dirty and they know that Trump loves this kind of thing. And your polls, and yours are what's giving them the material that they need, it's the oxygen that the Trump campaign requires, a poll every three or four days showing him where he is. - Author: Ted Koppel
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#14. I kind of help solve world peace and world hunger. That's just kind of an average day off for me. - Author: Nat Wolff
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#15. 'The Squid and the Whale' I shot in 23 days. I would have loved more time for it at the time, but in some ways that kind of kamikaze way of shooting was right for that movie. - Author: Noah Baumbach
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#16. I guess I would definitely feel a bit of a void in what people are getting from music these days. And I think that the problem lies not so much on the listener. People kind of listen to what is presented to them, whether it be on the radio or at a local venue. - Author: Ben Lovett
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#17. The best way to lose a woman was to show her a kind of life that one could offer her for only a few days. - Author: Erich Maria Remarque
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#18. Toronto I've worked in so many times so you kind of just know every store, every hotel, every - it's really close to New York so it's awesome for my children so if I have to go home for two days it doesn't take very much time. Except for Air Canada. Air Canada is the worst part. - Author: Mary-Louise Parker
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#19. I've been in L.A., but I wasn't acting. I didn't know that I wanted to act, so I was in L.A. but working at a restaurant seven days a week and trying to figure out what I wanted to do and all that kind of stuff. - Author: Mircea Monroe
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#20. When The Muppet Show ended, we all sat around and said, what kind of television show would we like to do. We felt the need these days are for some quality children's programming. - Author: Jim Henson
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#21. I think there were some programs but in those days art programs were kind of basic. You would do drawing and simple collage type work. But at home I was beginning to get interested in doing my own thing as well. I'm not sure what inspired this, but I became very interested in decorating things. - Author: Paul Smith
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#22. Like any kind of writing, there are good days and frustrating days. But even frustrating days can be rewarding sometimes. - Author: Ethan Coen
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#23. Even as a kid, if I would come across something cool in the record store, that would be how I found out about bands. It's kind of the same way these days. In a way even less because there are no record stores to go to anymore. - Author: Scott Ian
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#24. I mean it takes a certain kind of maturity to live in the South these days. You don't have it yet, but you have a shadow of the beginnings of it. You haven't the humbleness of mind-"
"I thought the fear of the Lord was the beginning of wisdom."
"It's the same thing. Humility. - Author: Harper Lee
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#25. I think the whole aspect of social networking is vulgar and repulsive in a lot of ways. But I also see why it's appealing - I've had that little high you get from posting stuff online. But then you think, 'Did I need to say that?' I've explored that enough to know to stay kind of quiet these days. - Author: Trent Reznor
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#26. I'm willing to lose some sleep if it comes to that. I can't think of the last time I shared the company of a woman who speaks her mind firmly and without hesitation. Your kind are in short supply these days. - Author: Patrick Rothfuss
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#27. I don't know that you ever get over this kind of loss. The fact that Chris is gone is a sharp hurt I feel every single day. It's really hard. Some days are better than others, but it's going to be hard every day for the rest of my life. - Author: Jon Krakauer
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#28. I feel like every time I start up, it's like a truck you have to get into 15th gear, so you very solely crank into that mental space where you feel really immersed in the world of the book and then you can just kind of go. But there's just that few days of frustration to get to that point. - Author: Chad Harbach
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#29. Jared felt vaguely unsettled that she'd noticed. He wasn't used to adults scrutinizing his behavior. He hadn't meant to take take so many booksbut they were the kind he liked, about made-up olden days when the world made sense, about death and love and honor. - Author: Sarah Rees Brennan
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#30. He wore his medals. He had a surprising number of them, the real kind, not the ones you got for turning up. Although turning up was no mean thing, some days. - Author: Nick Harkaway
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#31. For pragmatic reasons, I love the routine. I love the structure of it. I love knowing that my days are free. I know where I'm going at night. I know my life is kind of orderly. I just like that better. - Author: Andrea Martin
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#32. During the days I felt myself slipping into a kind of madness. Solitary confinement has an astonishing effect on the mind. The trip was to stay calm and keep myself occupied. I spent hours working out how to break free. But trying to escape would have been instant suicide. - Author: Tahir Shah
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#33. I think once you have children, you just don't have the same kind of freedom to pick up and go. But then, I sort of think, how often did I really do it? How spontaneous was I really? Part of what I think I miss is this fantasy of my wild days, but they never existed! - Author: Brooke Shields
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#34. We needed to become world-famous soon, while there was still that kind of world to be famous in ... - Author: Scott Westerfeld
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#35. Once while vacationing at my grandparent's house in Rajasthan, we were sleeping on the roof and I spotted an object hovering around in the sky - kind of a UFO. It totally spooked me out. I couldn't sleep for days after that. - Author: Nimrat Kaur
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#36. Now that I'm a grandfather myself, I realize that the best thing about having grandkids is that you get the kid for the best part of the ride - kind of like owning a car for only the first 10,000 miles. You can have your grandchildren for a couple of days and then turn them back over to the parents. - Author: Willard Scott
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#37. One of these days, I was going to find out what kind of soap he used so I could put it through a cheese grater and snort it like it was coke. Someday, my body would be found in a dirty alley somewhere, OD'd on the stuff. - Author: T. Torrest
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#38. Smote.' I haven't gotten to use that word since my days upstairs. I kind of miss it. Lots of pomp and circumstance in a word like that." He tapped his chin as the smile became sly. "Downstairs we just say slaughter or massacre or team-building exercise. - Author: Rob Thurman
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#39. I listen to all of my Dutch happy-hardcore songs from my raving techno days when I was about 14. It's the most horrible music ever. I think it's some kind of muscle memory that brings me back to when I was 14. It makes me bounce around the gym quite happily. - Author: Lara Stone
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#40. TV commercials make parenting look like there are going to be good days and bad days - like, it'll be this gentle wave, like you'll have a blissed-out, really wonderful day or two, and then, you know, then you'll have an issue. And what parenting is, is kind of earthquake. - Author: Dan Savage
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#41. The music I turn out these days is the kind of music I want to hear myself. - Author: Esa-Pekka Salonen
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#42. I miss the days of burning your kind at the stake. For generations we have settled for financial ruin and ostracization of your whorish ancestors - but know this, I will personally gut you and put your head on a pike in my parlor. - Author: Heather McVea
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#43. It wasn't that long, and it certainly wasn't the kind of kiss you see in movies these days, but it was wonderful in its own way, and all I can remember about the moment is that when our lips touched, I knew the memory would last forever. - Author: Nicholas Sparks
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#44. It's so weird to say this about the icon and legend that is Cher, but she's like an old girlfriend. We still talk all the time. She's an incredible person personally and professionally, giving such amazing advice, stories for days, been there done that. She's one of a kind. - Author: Christina Aguilera
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#45. Back in the days when the market was a kind of secular god and all the world thrilled to behold the amazing powers of private capital, the idea of privatizing highways and airports and other bits of our transportation infrastructure made a certain kind of sense. - Author: Thomas Frank
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#46. Tyson- "Cash? Like ... green paper?"
Percy- "Yeah."
Tyson- "Like the kind in duffel bags?"
Percy-"Yeah, but we lost those bags days a-g-g
"Tyson! How did you
Tyson- "Thought it was a feed bag for Rainbow. Found it floating in sea, but only paper inside. Sorry. - Author: Rick Riordan
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#47. Sometimes, you still have days when you don't just feel right, like there is a kind of congestion, and the flow isn't there. You're just not playing clearly. - Author: Tommy Flanagan
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#48. I thought it was kind of funny when Dionysus ran a Dark-Hunter over with a Mardi Gras float a couple of years ago. That amused me for days on end. He laughed like an evil cartoon villian. - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
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#49. I put the movie days totally behind me ... It was a part of my past that I really kind of put in a little drawer and shut the door. - Author: Karolyn Grimes
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#50. Summer is the time when one sheds one's tensions with one's clothes, and the right kind of day is jeweled balm for the battered spirit. A few of those days and you can become drunk with the belief that all's right with the world. - Author: Ada Louise Huxtable
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#51. There was a lot of talk about old days and old times, the kind of chatter that's fabulously interesting to those who were there and stupendously boring to those who weren't. - Author: Stephen King
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#52. Sexually, I wanted him six days to Sunday. Sixty-nine days to Sunday, in fact, and I wasn't even a sixty-nine kind of girl. Confession: I was, of course I was. I'd just never acted like it in real life. But I'd do it with Charlie. In a heartbeat. And were there other numbers? I'd do those too. - Author: Melanie Harlow
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#53. Actually John, Paul Rutherford, and Trevor Watts, and several other rather well known English jazz musicians had got their training by joining the Air Force, which was a pretty standard way for people to get some kind of musical education in those days. - Author: Evan Parker
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#54. I am convinced that if stories such as these have any lasting value, it is in revealing the kind of work young pulp-writers were doing in those days when rates were low and one had to make a typewriter smoke in order to keep eating. - Author: Hugh B. Cave
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#55. Those were the only kind of days their marriage had - the early ones. - Author: Stephenie Meyer
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#56. Nothing could be recorded in those days except by aiming a movie camera at the television screen. It was at least another 10 years before they had any kind of recording medium. - Author: Nigel Kneale
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#57. Artists have really never had any representation on Capitol Hill, because it's not the nature of the artist to join together and make a unified presence. Those days kind of died in the '60s. - Author: Sheryl Crow
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#58. How women dressed every single day back in those days is seen as kind of incredible - it must have taken so much time. But there's something so romantic about that because it's so different to how we dress. That aesthetic is so appealing, it's not what we're used to nowadays. - Author: Lily Collins
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#59. The colors I choose there was to paint the first hotel, the Disneyland Hotel. Because of the cloudy sky we had in Paris, it had to be a particular kind of color who will fight those grey days. And also something you can see when you're driving up 'There it is! We're arriving!' - Author: John Hench
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#60. I'm the kind of guy who would say, "Yeah, I'll do that!," and then, when it came down to it, I would be absolutely petrified. Those days have passed me by, but I would do it. If it meant that I was in a scene naked with a woman, or anybody romantic, I'd be into it. - Author: Chris Bauer
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#61. I always thought he gave me that name because I have a kind of outgoing or sunny disposition. And in those days I was kinda blonde and bearded and had an afro and was bushy like a sun. So I don't know, he named me Surya Das but who knows. - Author: Surya Das
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#62. Gospel music in those days of the early 1930s was really taking wing. It was the kind of music colored people had left behind them down South and they liked it because it was just like a letter from home. - Author: Mahalia Jackson
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#63. The reason there weren't any, I am surmising, is that a lot of Latin kids, Latino kids, in those days didn't have the money to take those kind of classes. - Author: Rita Moreno
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#64. Reading those books is all he does these days. I think he's even read some of them twice. What kind of disturbed individual would read the same book twice, I ask you? - Author: Derek Landy
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