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#1. To have a functioning body and not to use it is like having 20/20 vision and never opening your eyes. - Author: Bill Phillips
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#2. But we have been taught to see before our eyes have found out a way of seeing for themselves. - Author: Arthur Symons
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#3. Myopia, in more than ninety-five percent of cases, begins between five and ten years of age. It increases largely because the myopic eye is given a minus lens. - Author: Anders Fogh Rasmussen
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#4. The sixth doorway is the Doorway of Vision. This relates to seeing with the eyes of love and corresponds to the energy center located in the third eye area of our forehead. When this doorway is open, we're more able to see life through love instead of differences. - Author: Marci Shimoff
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#5. I believed that by a process of what I can only describe as inward dilation of the eyes I could increase my actual vision. - Author: Paul Nash
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#6. You could put all the talent I had into your left eye and still not suffer from impaired vision. - Author: Veronica Lake
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#7. He wanted to laugh; the vision of her pounding that wee boy in a fury of berserk rage, hair flying in the wind and a look of blood in her eye, was one he would treasure. - Author: Diana Gabaldon
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#8. One who returns to a place sees it with new eyes. Although the place may not have changed, the viewer inevitably has. For the first time things invisible before become suddenly visible. - Author: Louis L'Amour
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#9. Only eyes washed by tears can see clearly. - Author: Louis Mann
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#10. Once your eyes get opened to pacifism, you can't shut them again. Once you see it, you can't unsee it. You may bitterly regret the fact that you happen to be one of the tiny minority of the human race who have caught this angle of vision, but you can't help it. - Author: Muriel Lester
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#11. For I dipped into the future, far as human eye could see, Saw the Vision of the world, and all the wonder that would be. - Author: Alfred Lord Tennyson
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#12. Same old eyes, same old world but the difference is how you look at what is in front of you, not what it is. - Author: Lister Sinclair
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#13. My first vision of earth was water veiled. I am of the race of men and women who see all things through this curtain of sea, and my eyes are the color of water. - Author: Anais Nin
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#14. You should make photographs with your heart, mind, eye & soul. The capture device is simply there to allow you to transfer your vision to a medium that you can share with others. - Author: Bill Frakes
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#15. We do not see with our eyes, but through them. - Author: Ken Danby
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#16. When I close my eyes my vision is even more powerful. - Author: Giorgio De Chirico
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#17. Sight is where the eye hits. - Author: Louis Zukofsky
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#18. The popular eye is not untrained; it is only wrongly trained - trained by inferior and insincere visual representations. - Author: Ben Shahn
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#19. Every eye sees its own special vision; every ear hears a most different song. In each man's troubled heart, an incision would reveal a unique, shameful wrong. - Author: Dean Koontz
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#20. [Amy Carmichael's] great longing was to have a "single eye" for the glory of God. Whatever might blur the vision God had give her of His work, whatever could distract or deceive or tempt other to seek anything but the Lord Jesus Himself she tried to eliminate. - Author: Elisabeth Elliot
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#21. He's got to have the ability, and it seems to be fairly rare, to see things as they are and at the same time as they might have been. What we mean is the eye of an artist. - Author: Jack Finney
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#22. Close your eyes and you will see. - Author: Joseph Joubert
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#23. Measurements are never enough. The artist's eye and desire to breathe life into the subject must be the deciding factors. - Author: David McCullough
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#24. At any given moment, I open my eyes and exist. - Author: Ugo Betti
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#25. We must not run after it, but we must fit ourselves for the vision and then wait tranquilly for it, as the eye waits on the rising of the Sun which in its own time appears above the horizon and gives itself to our sight. - Author: Plotinus
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#26. The eye of understanding is like the eye of the sense; for as you may see great objects through small crannies or levels, so you may see great axioms of nature through small and contemptible instances. - Author: Francis Bacon
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#27. Without the eye, the head is blind. Without the head, the eye is adrift. - Author: Walter Darby Bannard
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#28. I'm such a jerk; it had never occurred to me that when we look at a photo from the front, the eyes reproduce exactly the position and the vision of the lens; it's these things that are taken for granted and it never occurs to anyone to think about them. - Author: Julio Cortazar
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#29. Sight is what you see with your eyes, vision is what you see with your mind. - Author: Robert Kiyosaki
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#30. What a curious workmanship is that of the eye, which is in the body, as the sun in the world; set in the head as in a watch-tower, having the softest nerves for receiving the greater multitude of spirits necessary for the act of vision! - Author: Stephen Charnock
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#31. The dreamer's untamed eye sees beyond the illusions to the heart of what is real. - Author: Bryant McGill
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#32. It is in the vision of the physical eyes
That no invisible or secret thing exists.
But when the eye is turned toward the Light of God
What thing could remain hidden under such Light? - Author: Meghan Nuttall Sayres
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