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Top 30 Thinking Vs Knowing Quotes

#1. I just feel like the world is our oyster. I grew up knowing that my mother is a journalist and was one of the first bureau chiefs I think ever at the New York Times. Hearing these stories of how hard it was for her, and yet knowing how easy it is for me right now is just remarkable. - Author: Liz W. Garcia
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#2. So already, you go from not having a job and thinking you're going to get fired after the pilot, to knowing that you've got a guaranteed job for 4 years. - Author: Michael Shanks
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#3. I think the American public has gone from really almost white-hot anger in 2010 to an anxiety knowing their government needs to work. - Author: Steny Hoyer
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#4. Opening your eyes is all that is needing. The heart lies and the head plays tricks with us, but the eyes see true. Look with your eyes. Hear with your ears. Taste with your mouth. Smell with your nose. Feel with your skin. Then comes the thinking, afterward, and in that way knowing the truth. - Author: George R R Martin
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#5. We are all thinking, willing, knowing,conscious centers of Life. We are surroundedby, immersed in, and there is flowing through us a creative something ... call it what you will. - Author: Ernest Holmes
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#6. I would have gone too but I wanted to come straight back to you.I kept thinking of you, waiting here, all by yourself, not knowing what was going to happen. - Author: Daphne Du Maurier
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#7. A language that doesn't affect the way you think about programming is not worth knowing. - Author: Alan Perlis
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#8. I'm constantly thinking about design, shapes, patterns and colors, so I just want to be more of a blank canvas. But there is a comfort in knowing what you're going to wear, and that probably comes from Catholic school, where I wore a uniform for 10 years. - Author: Prabal Gurung
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#9. Humility, or poverty of spirit, is not a matter of thinking low thoughts about ourselves. It is not a matter of groveling in the dust. It is simply a matter of knowing ourselves as we really are. And when we see ourselves as we really are, we will see that we are poor. - Author: John W. Miller
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#10. Perry, Jeremy, Man, Just knowing that you guys look up to me, And I can help you out so much, I could pull you to the side when we're working out. And just as much as you think I'm making you better, You elevate my game. - Author: Kevin Durant
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#11. Faith is knowing and thinking truths. Charity is willing and doing them. - Author: Emanuel Swedenborg
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#12. I make mistakes. That's what I do. I
speak without thinking, I act without
knowing. I drink so much that I can
barely walk ... I'm a fantastic lover
though, and an amazing friend. God
knows I mean well. - Author: Candace Bushnell
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#13. Eleanor Marx was her father's first biographer. All subsequent biographies of Karl Marx, and most of Engels, draw on her work as their primary sources for the family history, often without knowing it. I think if she'd been a son, she would have been referenced more. - Author: Rachel Holmes
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#14. I gave people who didn't know what to say the best advice I could muster, which was that it was better to say anything rather than pretend that nothing was wrong. My hunch was that Mom would simply appreciate knowing that people were thinking of her. - Author: Will Schwalbe
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#15. I've always thought that reviews and knowing how much your fans appreciate or don't like something, that's the sugar coating. I'm trying not to think about those things. - Author: Chaz Bundick
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#16. I've always said it takes more courage to stand back there and throw a ball knowing you're fixing to get drilled than anything I can think of in football. - Author: Bobby Bowden
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#17. Americans are born knowing everything and nothing. Born moving forward, quickly, or thinking they are. - Author: Dave Eggers
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#18. I didn't want to make 'high' art, I had no interest in using paint, I wanted to find something that anyone could relate to without knowing about contemporary art. I wasn't thinking in terms of precious prints or archival quality; I didn't want the work to seem like a commodity. - Author: Cindy Sherman
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#19. I cannot help thinking that the best way of knowing God is to love many things. Love this friend, this person, this thing, whatever you like, and you will be on the right road to understanding Him better. - Author: Vincent Van Gogh
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#20. If I didn't know you I would say I don't know you. - Author: Jaime Cabrera
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#21. I think certain people are the way they are for certain reasons that we can't necessarily judge without knowing. - Author: Blake Lively
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#22. I slept in the grip of that love, comforted, thinking I should forget my longing within it, knowing that all was somehow well...In the morning when I stirred, I knew...I knew I lay here in my own flesh, but not alone. - Author: Tosca Lee
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#23. Some people live their entire life not knowing who they are, others live their life thinking they are something they are not. Only a luck few are blessed enough to find themselves in someone else. - Author: Robert Hawkins
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#24. My film school is making movies. But, I do think that being an actor has served me immensely, as both a writer and director, in terms of knowing what is playable and what will be fun to play, for actors, and also how to communicate to actors on set, and not screw them up and get them in their head. - Author: Josh Radnor
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#25. Nights are the worst. You just don't know what it's like for me, trying not to think of [him] ... knowing that we're going to be apart for so long. It's pure torture. - Author: Judy Blume
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#26. There's a difference in thinking you are a champion and knowing that you are. - Author: Matthew McConaughey
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#27. the safest place to keep your secrets is to keep them in your mind with a locked tongue - Author: Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
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#28. It doesn't really matter what a person decides to do, or how radically a person plays with gender. What matters, I think, is how aware a person is of the options. How sad for a person to be missing out on some expression of identity, just for not knowing there are options - Author: Kate Bornstein
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#29. There are two classes [of scientists], those who want to know, and do not care whether others think they know or not, and those who do not much care about knowing, but care very greatly about being reputed as knowing. - Author: Samuel Butler
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#30. I remember my first lecture on my first day in evolutionary biology, how populations and species change. I sat thinking, 'Why doesn't everyone know this?' I look back on it almost in horror: I came so close to not knowing how exciting our world is. - Author: Elise Andrew
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