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Top 18 Thin Crust Quotes

#1. The thin and precarious crust of decency is all that separates any civilization, however impressive, from the hell of anarchy or systematic tyranny which lie in wait beneath the surface . - Author: Aldous Huxley
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#2. That pit of blackness that lies beneath us, everywhere ... the firmest substance of human happiness is but a thin crust spread over it, with just reality enough to bear up the illusive stage-scenery amid which we tread. It needs no earthquake to open the chasm. - Author: Nathaniel Hawthorne
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#3. There's very little in my world that a foot massage and a thin-crust, everything-on-it pizza won't set right. - Author: G.A. McKevett
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#4. I'd feel sorry for her, but my family's infinitely worse. - Author: Victoria Aveyard
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#5. It quickly becomes apparent that in the gray area between jazz, R&B and soul, Tony Adamo is one of the top voices. - Author: Scott Yanow
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#6. Humanity walks ever on a thin crust over terrific abysses. - Author: Arnold Bennett
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#7. How thin is the crust of order over the fires of human appetite and the lust for naked power. - Author: Margaret Thatcher
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#8. All civilisation has from time to time become a thin crust over a volcano of revolution. - Author: Havelock Ellis
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#9. I have vivid memories of going to Pizza Hut and enjoying a thin crust pizza and a jug of Pepsi, and, getting high stacks of buttermilk pancakes with syrup. - Author: Gudjon Bergmann
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#10. The truth is for those that seek it! - Author: Gayle Nix Jackson
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#11. The surface of the earth crusted. a thin hard crust,and as the sky became pale,so the earth became pale, pink in the red contry and white in the gray contry. (1) this describes the form of the book how the earth has been swallowed by the sun and allows you to assume that the farms are destroded - Author: John Steinbeck
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#12. Yea, Paris is a festive ton
a festive Ton for all! Skate o'er on joy
Thin crust of gilded, polished joy! What matters it if Hell's beneath? - Author: D.H. Lawrence
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#13. A life is defined by moments in which everything changes. - Author: M Pepper Langlinais
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#14. It has never occurred to me before, but this is truly how it is: all of us on earth walk constantly over a seething, scarlet sea of flame, hidden below, in the belly of the earth. We never think of it. But what if the thin crust under our feet should turn into glass and we should suddenly see? - Author: Yevgeny Zamyatin
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#15. I always
thought we only had two choices in our lives when it came to pizza crust - thin and crispy, or
thick and doughy. How was I to have known there could be a crust in this world that was thin
and doughy? Holy of holies! Thin, doughy, strong, gummy, yummy, chewy, salty pizza paradise. - Author: Elizabeth Gilbert
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#16. Like Hollywood movies, MTV and blue jeans, fast food has become one of America's major cultural exports. - Author: Eric Schlosser
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#17. Set the foot down with distrust on the crust of the world - it is thin. - Author: Edna St. Vincent Millay
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#18. It was all too easy to make things up, it was like skating on thin ice, it was like doing dainty pirouettes on a brittle crust over water thousands of fathoms deep. - Author: Jostein Gaarder
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