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#1. Therapists. Always asking the same questions over and over in slightly different ways. They are, like, the Ultimate Thesauruses.

Corey Ann Haydu

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#2. There are tools that help sharpen freestyle skills like having a diverse vernacular, some sense of music theory, being outspoken, phrasing, spacing, cross word puzzles, thesauruses, the ability to expand on an issue and embellish that with more descriptive terminology.

Myka 9

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#3. If you never miss a plane, you're spending too much time at the airport.

George Stigler

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#4. Gilligan argued that while men seek maturity by detaching themselves, women see themselves maturing as they attach.18

Timothy J. Keller

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#5. I don't want to go home and tell my wife and my girls, 'I was gone last week because I had to do a press release.'

James Lankford

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#6. When I run the world, librarians will be exempt from tragedy. Even their smaller sorrows will last only for as long as you can take out a book.

Karen Joy Fowler

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#7. It was an idealistic vision that generation had.

Mat Hoffman

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#8. I felt the kind of loneliness that can happen in a roomful of people when everyone but you seems to be in on the good time.

Lisa Kleypas

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#9. I've certainly never been dying to go to England my entire life.

Cary Fukunaga

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#10. Then shift to intention. Not what I find missing in my life, but to what I absolutely intend to manifest and attract into my life ...

Wayne Dyer

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#11. In real life things don't go so smoothly. At certain points in our lives, when we really need a clear-cut solution, the person who knocks at our door is, more likely than not, a messenger bearing bad news.

Haruki Murakami

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#12. Reading literature and engaging in writing breaks through the mental rigidity that experience and repetition breeds.

Kilroy J. Oldster

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#13. To me, if I'm reading a fantastic story or I go on a nice first date and I have a wonderful time, I'm not gonna complain because it didn't work out. I'm gonna go on a second date.

Billy Campbell

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