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#1. Once upon a time there was a boy who loved a girl, and her laughter was a question he wanted to spend his whole life answering. - Author: Nicole Krauss
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#2. I love the camera; there's something very special and sensual about it, and I have a tendency to call it a he, like it was a man. But, unlike a man, a camera is accepting of everything I do. - Author: Lena Olin
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#3. This very easy divorce had become very difficult. I thought I was in the express lane and it was all fast tracks from there. Think again. - Author: Brenda Perlin
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#4. Apparently there was such a thing as love at first sight; or love at first spit, anyway. - Author: Kristin Cashore
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#5. Love was a delicious blend of warm and cold. There was comfort in making love. It solved no problems: but one could run away from problems. - Author: Larry Niven
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#6. There was no one to comfort the children, no one to embrace them, no one to love them. Care and control were what the dormitories were all about, not love and affection. - Author: Ruth Hegarty
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#7. I didn't have that intense ambition to be a musician or an actress. I just enjoyed it. And by enjoying it, because I loved it, it enabled me to get better at what I was doing, because there was a love behind it. - Author: Lauryn Hill
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#8. There was not a scrap of tangible evidence to show that he had spent the most wonderful year of his life with her.
Which only increased his desire to remain faithful to her. - Author: Milan Kundera
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#9. I used to think romantic love was a neurosis shared by two, a supreme foolishness. I no longer think that. There's nothing foolish in loving anyone. Thinking you'll be loved in return is what's foolish. - Author: Rita Mae Brown
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#10. Because of the power of television, I was visible to everybody all over the world. But there are many things in the theater that are more fulfilling and that I look forward to doing more. But really, I love it all: theater, film, television. - Author: Charlotte Rae
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#11. I took the one letter he had for us. It was from the Switchblade Gas & Electric Company. I didn't know I had admirers there too, but I wasn't that surprised. I threw it in the trash with the IRS's love letters and closed the door without reply. - Author: The Harvard Lampoon
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#12. Because for Amy, love was like drugs or booze or porn: There was no plateau. Each exposure needed to be more intense than the last to achieve the same result. - Author: Gillian Flynn
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#13. But she was not even grateful to him for it; nothing good on Pierre's part seemed to her to be an effort, it seemed so natural for him to be kind to everyone that there was no merit in his kindness. - Author: Leo Tolstoy
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#14. When you were the son of evil, there was little you couldn't do, own, or kill, and yet her mortal self was an elusive trophy he could touch, but not put on his shelf.
This made her rare. This made her precious.
This made him ... love her. - Author: J.R. Ward
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#15. There was no thunderbolt, no quickening of the heart, but there was a sense of recognition.A familiarity about his face.. - Author: Judith Kinghorn
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#16. Within the microcosm of a film you get drawn to people. There are certain projects you care enormously about, and 'The Edge Of Love' was one because I was portraying a great hero of mine, Dylan Thomas. - Author: Matthew Rhys
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#17. I would love the opportunity to work in Chicago. It would be like a dream come true, if I could work there on something like the way ER was filmed. - Author: Joe Lando
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#18. I think theater will always be my first love. I've been doing it since I was nine, and there's nothing quite like being on stage, having the immediate intake of energy and exchange of ideas. - Author: Tracie Thoms
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#19. I had complete faith that this was a man who would keep his promises, who would always be there when I needed him, who would always have my best interests at heart. Together we would be able to face anything in life. - Author: Rosemary K. West
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#20. Delirium: "What's the name of the word for the precise moment when you realize that you've actually forgotten how it felt to make love to somebody you really liked a long time ago?"
Dream: "There isn't one."
Delirium: "Oh. I thought maybe there was. - Author: Neil Gaiman
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#21. What could he have against love? Sure, it sucked sometimes, but what was the point of living if there wasn't love? - Author: Chani Lynn Feener
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#22. It was as if for the remainder of his life he was condemned to carry with him the egos of certain people, early met and early loved, and to be only as complete as they were complete themselves. There was some element of loneliness involved
so easy to be loved
so hard to love. - Author: F Scott Fitzgerald
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#23. Are you guys, like, in love? Brian asked in a girl voice.
Alexis and Jason locked stares because even though everyone had started laughing at Brian's jibe, the word was there, hanging between the two of them, waiting to be grabbed for their personal use. - Author: Lindsay Chamberlin
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#24. There's this really good line in 'Women in Love' where Ursula says, 'I always thought it was a sin to be unhappy.' And actually I think that's very common, it's what a lot of people feel - that you have an obligation to life to be happy if you can. - Author: Rachel Cusk
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#25. Love is an exchange of gifts,' Saint Ignatius had said. It was in these simple, practical, down-to-earth ways that people could show their love for each other. If the love was not there in the beginning, but only the need, such gifts made love grow. - Author: Dorothy Day
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#26. What if there was somebody waiting to love him? What if there was somebody whom he would love again? Was it possible? - Author: Anonymous
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#27. I love reading about history. Sometimes, I feel I was born in the wrong era. There was more creativity in the air when people were still discovering new worlds. - Author: Shakira
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#28. I feel like I was born the day my kids were and that my life before was only there to gain wisdom for them. The point is you do your best. Your very best every day. You do it and you do it for them! - Author: Drew Barrymore
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#29. 'The Company' was interesting. I didn't love it, although it might be compelling to someone who isn't a dancer. There wasn't a lot of dialogue, and you were just kind of observing the creative process of choreography and in class. - Author: Misty Copeland
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#30. There was a bright flash of brilliant white light, like the midday summer sun reflecting off of a freshly cleaned mirror.
And then it was gone. - Author: Raymond Rice
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#31. I couldn't tear my eyes from the window, wanting to drink in as much of St. Louis as I could, knowing somewhere out there, one of those infinitesimally small lights was him. I wondered if he'd look up and see the planes crossing the sky like shooting stars, knowing one of those lights was me. - Author: Leah Raeder
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#32. Her eyes are closed when I reach the couch again. She looks so peaceful just lying there. I watch her for a moment, wishing I knew what the hell was going through her head, but I refuse to ask. I can carve pumpkins just as well as she can. - Author: Colleen Hoover
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#33. Some men got excited by white lace and a translucent negligee. My love muffin got excited by a woman dressed to murder. There was probably something deeply twisted about that. Lucky for me, negligees were never my thing. - Author: Ilona Andrews
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#34. If there was a birthday party or a gathering and I was at training and couldn't make it, then I guess I might have missed out on a few things, but I wouldn't see them as sacrifices because I love what I do so much. I feel I've made the right choices in the way I've lived my life. - Author: Liam Tancock
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#35. There was enough ice.So I thought. For my drink.When I used it all,I cut her heart out and used it instead.I never ran out of ice that night. - Author: Mrinaal
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#36. I had to face: I had chosen. My choice, this was love. I had chosen I think the way out of the chains of the cage. I needed this woman. Without her to choose over myself, there was only pain and not choosing, rolling drunkenly and making fantasies of death. - Author: David Foster Wallace
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#37. There is no question that Francis was in advance of his age, as he anticipated all that is liberal and sympathetic in modern times: the love of nature, the love of animals, the sense of social compassion, the sense of the spiritual dangers of affluence. - Author: Henryk Skolimowski
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#38. There is a shortage of hard R. It was the story and the character. He's never played a character like this and so that was the thing that really won him over. The story itself, on the surface - Patrick and I love actors almost in a geeky kind of way. - Author: Todd Farmer
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#39. I'd reply, love doesn't tell time.
Love is simply there
or it isn't.
in every way,
it was there. - Author: Lisa Schroeder
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#40. Yet there it was not love. It was a little fever of admiration; but it might, probably must, end in love with some - Author: Jane Austen
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#41. All right, all right," Avery said and rolled Kane onto his back. There was a time they would have gone again, making sure Kane knew who the real boss was, but not so much anymore. Instead, he looked down at his smiling love. "But I believe I burned a few calories, so can I have my snack now, please? - Author: Kindle Alexander
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#42. I love museums, but I always thought there was something funny about a group of strangers silently staring at works of inanimate objects together. Each person is having a very personal and maybe even emotional experience, but it's in the confines of an extremely quiet and sterile room. - Author: Hiro Murai
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#43. Mma Ramotswe decided to go back into her office. There was a curious thing about male conversation that she had noticed - men often ended up poking fun at one another. Women did this only rarely, but men seemed to love insulting one another. It was very strange. - Author: Alexander McCall Smith
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#44. His house to me was a child was a heart of happiness. If there is a wonder childhood possesses which makes it forever superior to what shall come after, it is the happy and uncritical love of whatever is happy, place or person, it does not matter which. - Author: Elizabeth Spencer
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#45. He had realised that it was Clara he loved, and that he loved her in many different ways. (Because there are even more ways of loving than there are ways of being happy, but it would take another book to explain them all.) - Author: Francois Lelord
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#46. There are ways in which we're so alike. We're reckless. We don't think before we act. We'll do anything for people we love. And I never thought how scary that was for the people who loved me until I saw - Author: Cassandra Clare
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#47. Like she said, love wasn't a switch that could be turned off. It was more like a battery, had to run until there was no more energy left. - Author: Eric Jerome Dickey
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#48. Never was I supposed to hear the words 'He says he wants to see you.' But now that I have, there's no way to refuse. - Author: Suzanne Collins
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#49. There's only one force that's strong enough to conquer those in Witch House, and you know how to manipulate it; you turned one current off and the other on. It was the very best kind of distraction."
He said, "Love always is. - Author: Evangeline Walton
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#50. My father worked for the Foreign Office, so he was away a lot of the time. We were a very volatile family. There was a lot of love and a lot of conflict. The conflict kicked in mostly during my adolescence. - Author: Amanda Donohoe
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#51. I'm interested in how we define things by how we choose to observe them, and how everywhere in our lives, and in every moment we experience, there are forces at work that we don't fully understand. Couple this curiosity with a love of portraiture painting, and that's how this project was born. - Author: Oliver Jeffers
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#52. A vision flashed across Nick's mind. It was the image of a lipstick kiss his wife left for him on the mirror that morning. It hung there like the single digit sum to the chalkboard-crammed equation of his life. - Author: Gary Ponzo
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#53. This is not what you want to hear, but to me, it doesn't seem there was a time before I loved you. And though I try to keep my distance from you ... even now you keep giving me reasons to love you more. - Author: Cayla Kluver
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#54. She was almost in love with him. No, that's impossible, she thought: either you are or you aren't. Love's the only thing in this world that is unequivocal. There are different kinds of love, certainly, but it's a you-do or you-don't proposition with them all. - Author: Harper Lee
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#55. There had been a computer he had also built himself on the farthest corner of the room, but he had sold that a couple of months ago to buy me a necklace. I wore it then, it was two silver hearts linked as one. That's what he and I were, we we're one. - Author: Natalie Valdes
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#56. There was only one four-lettered word having precedence over life itself and it was LOVE. - Author: Faraaz Kazi
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#57. Love didn't grow very well in a place where there was only fear - Author: Stephen King
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#58. Lilly's something old was the love her husband-to-be had carried in his heart since he was just a boy. Her something new was the renewel of that love. Something blue was ever second they would ever be apart. There was nothing borrowed. Everything from here on out was for keeps. - Author: Jan Watson
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#59. But she would make it, because maybe he wasn't much of a warrior but if there was one thing that he was cut out for it was an epic and retarded act of love. - Author: Brian McGreevy
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#60. You can't lose someone who was never there in the first place. - Author: Non Pratt
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#61. My last book was speculative. I just don't quite know what I am doing. But I'll get there. I have a list of things I would love to write. - Author: Jami Attenberg
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#62. There was warmth in his large piercing brown eyes. The kind of warmth that tucks a child into bed. The same kind of warmth that dries your wet hair on a rainy December afternoon. - Author: Malak El Halabi
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#63. It was a gentle love, a tactile love. It was all hands and lips and hearts in tandem. There was motion in our bodies and emotion in our discourse. We were a symphony of melody and melancholy. When you find peace in another's presence, there is no mistaken. - Author: Lang Leav
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#64. Love was sticking by the person you most cared about through the good and the bad. Love was being there when no one else wanted to. Love was growing old together. - Author: Megan C. Smith
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#65. It was a flight, a kind of fleeing, a kind of falling, falling higher and higher, spinning off the edge of the earth and beyond the sun and through the vast silent vacuum where there were no burdens and where everything weighed exactly nothing. - Author: Tim O'Brien
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#66. One night when we were lying under the stars together she pointed to this beaming bright star beside the moon and said wherever she was in the world, whether we were together or apart, that I should remember her with that star because it would always be there-that it was her with me. - Author: Rebecah McManus
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#67. ...we'd be okay. Not perfect, not entirely healthy, not even rational where our love for one another was concerned. Just okay. Merely sufficient, at best. But there'd be only acceptance - never shame - in being two divine failures as we emerged from slumber, perfectly flawed, and wide awake. - Author: AngstGoddess003
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#68. The greatest drawback to true love was that once true love unexpectedly ends there is no other romance that can replace it. Romance instead becomes a race, with one's new beau consistently failing to meet up to the grand expectations set by the meaning of one's existence. The only one. - Author: Denis Fitzpatrick
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#69. Maybe there's a god above but the only thing I learned from love was how to shoot at somebody who outdrew you. - Author: Leonard Cohen
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#70. Growing up, I'll always remember knowing from movies and TV that there was a possibility that you wouldn't fall in love. I always thought, 'Oh my God, I hope I'm not that person.' - Author: Isabel Gillies
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#71. I believed that if I had the whole story, if I had the opportunity to really know the person I was sitting with, there would be nobody I could not love. - Author: Laurie A. Helgoe
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#72. A woman could do that to you - reach that place in your soul where the best and worst of you was kept. And once she was there, she owned that place and never left. - Author: Lisa Kleypas
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#73. Dad was a very gentle, sweet man. Mum was the matriarch and the patriarch of the family. She ran the roost with a steel fist, but at the same time there was respect and love for her. - Author: Tony Scott
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#74. It was my idea. It's the safest way, but it's strange pretending to be something different. It's like there's a glass wall between us. Like I can't touch him or ... reach him. I don't like the way it feels. - Author: Veronica Rossi
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#75. His allure, as he stood there, his face, even with the red swollen eyes, everything about him was gorgeous. - Author: Maryam Schonbeck
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#76. Maybe, because all these good people loved me enough to help me, maybe I wasn't quite as bad as I felt. Maybe there was a part of me that was worthy of their love. - Author: Piper Kerman
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#77. How this woman had managed to get under his skin and claw her way inside was a mystery.
He couldn't leave her there though. His entire being was screaming at him to get her out. - Author: Caroline Cairn
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#78. The rest of the short walk was silent. It was that loud sort
of silence where the absence is painful, when there's so much to
say, but nothing is said. - Author: Jacqueline Simon Gunn
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#79. Haydn, Beethoven, Mozart, none of them were born in Vienna. They all moved there. It became a magnet, but what made it magnetized in the first place? There has to be a seed there. In the case of Vienna of about 1780, it was this deep-seated love of music. - Author: Eric Weiner
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#80. What baffled him was that there should be all this fuss about something so simple as love. - Author: Gustave Flaubert
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#81. The only way I could get you to say you love me was by telling you to lie to me." He speaks through the bullet hole I shot through his heart. "There's nothing left. I can't pull on your heartstrings when they're no longer attached to anything. - Author: E.K. Blair
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#82. He had no love for sleeping inside and wanted his horse near him. There was something about lying under the stars that was conducive to thought, and he had some thinking to do. - Author: Louis L'Amour
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#83. I lost myself there - my mind imaging what was under his towel and what I would like to do to him. - Emma - Author: Martha Sweeney
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#84. There were so many things Sebastian and I had to work out: we'd both been single for so long that blending our lives together wasn't going to be easy.
I'd promised Sebastian we'd find a way. He deserved to be loved for everything he was. And for whatever crazy reason he had, he loved me, too. - Author: Jane Harvey-Berrick
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#85. She bit her lower lip hard and blinked her eyes. There was such wistfulness and longing in his voice. Oh, she was going to give him back his eyes, or the next best thing, if it took her the rest of her life to do it. - Author: Mary Balogh
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#86. I have to tell you it was the first time even after all these years of expecting my own death that i truly knew what it meant to die because with you gone there was nothing left for me to live for. - Author: Julia Quinn
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#87. When I was in love there was somebody in the world who was more important than me, and that, given all that happened at the fall of man, is a miracle, like something God forgot to curse. - Author: Donald Miller
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#88. When they finally made love, he would accept no more than total surrender from her, just as he would surrender himself to her. There was nothing casual about what lay between them, and he wouldn't allow her to pretend otherwise.

~Ethan - Author: Rosalie Lario
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#89. I don't have a word for this, because I've never felt this before. But I do love you. I just wish there was a way to explain to you that love is just the start of it, because it's turned into so much more for me. - Author: R.K. Lilley
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#90. Canberra was my home for many years, and there's a lot to love about it. It has a small population with a strong sense of community and is top-heavy with interesting, highly educated, socially progressive people - the opposite of the stereotypical image of dull public servants. - Author: Judy Horacek
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#91. String Reprise / Treaty

I wish there was a treaty we could sign
It's over now, the water and the wine
We were broken then but now we're borderline
And I wish there was a treaty,
I wish there was a treaty between your love and mine - Author: Leonard Cohen
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#92. I wondered if what one normally calls "normal" was itself a sort of dullness, a deadening of sense and spirit, if not, indeed, a very closure of their doors. For myself, now, liberated, released, emergent from the dark night and abyss, there was an intoxication of light and love and health. - Author: Oliver Sacks
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#93. When I finally bought one, the Buchla was my only piece of furniture. I lived with that thing. It was my boyfriend! I thought there was something wrong with me, because I was in love with a machine - Author: Suzanne Ciani
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#94. But when I touch you, your aura ... it smolders. The colors deepen, it burns more intensely, the purple increases. Why? Why, Sydney?" He used that hand to pull me closer. "Why do you react that way if I don't mean anything to you?" There was a desperation in his voice, and it was legitimate. - Author: Richelle Mead
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#95. There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love, but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream
whatever that dream might be. - Author: Pearl S. Buck
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#96. They were nice enough people and all, but there wasn't much love in them. Because they were too busy being afraid. Love didn't grow very well in a place where there was only fear, just as plants didn't grow very well in a place where it was always dark. - Author: Stephen King
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#97. I had a nightmare about being on a cruise ship and the ship going down. It was an arduous process of the ship going down and we knew it was going down. There was everyone I know and love on the ship. - Author: Jared Padalecki
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#98. There are people out there who genuinely love literature, who genuinely love to read and read widely, who will never like, or even necessarily get, my books. That was a hard one to swallow, to not feel slighted by. - Author: Lynn Coady
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#99. Topshop is one of my favourite shops, and I love shoes by Giuseppe Zanotti. There's a graduate fashion designer called Kate Falcus who makes me beautiful commissioned pieces - one of my favourites was the white Glastonbury dress she made me with the puffy skirt. - Author: Laura Mvula
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#100. Yes. He. Was. Just. Here. Spreading his goodwill and love all around Max's entryway. It's a wonder there aren't cherubs flying around sprinkling rose petals and rainbows erupting through the windows, an aftermath of his delightful visit. - Author: Kristen Ashley
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