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Top 18 Theon Greyjoy Best Quotes

#1. I've known Chevy Chase for so long, I actually knew him when he was funny!

Richard Belzer

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#2. It is as if I were a stranger here. Nothing has changed, and yet everything has changed - Theon Greyjoy

George R R Martin

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#3. From birth to the teenage years, the brain undergoes a fourfold increase in volume

Eric Jensen

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#4. Your setback is just a setup for your comeback.

Steve Harvey

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#5. Necklace. The parchment curled, blackened, and took flame. Theon was aghast. "Have you gone mad?" His father laid a stinging backhand across his cheek. "Mind your tongue. You are not in Winterfell now, and I am not Robb the Boy, that you should speak to me so. I am the Greyjoy, Lord Reaper of Pyke,

George R R Martin

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#6. Negative words are powerful boomerangs so be careful what you say about people and yourself.

Mary J. Blige

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#7. All the color had been leached from Winterfell until only grey and white remained. The Stark colors. Theon did not know whether he ought to find that ominous or reassuring. Even the sky was grey. The eyes of the bride were brown. Big and brown and full of fear.

George R R Martin

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#8. If I had the authority to pick and choose who gets to know Christ as Savior, that would make me God. Thank the one true God that I am not.

Braden Pedersen

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#9. He who devotes himself to the Tao (seeks) from day to day to diminish (his doing).


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#10. It became very clear to me that Yooralla was not as interested in media coverage that explored issues faced by people with disability as it was in giving a pat on the back to journalists who maintained the status quo by giving readers the warm and fuzzies over their morning paper.

Stella Young

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#11. In 2007, Stanford Business School Advisory committee asserted that self awareness was the most important attribute a leader should develop. The challenge for the modern entrepreneur is to take that path.

Kevin Kelly DO The Pursuit Of Xceptional Execution

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#12. There is something seriously wrong with your friend.

Kelly Oram

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#13. But Theon Greyjoy found himself wondering why any man would climb the snow-slick steps to the battlements in the black of night just to take a piss.

George R R Martin

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#14. And Robb. Robb who had been more a brother to Theon than any son born of Balon Greyjoy's loins. Murdered at the Red Wedding, butchered by the Freys. I should have been with him. Where was I? I shold have died with him.

George R R Martin

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#15. It's not Torrhen's Square I mean to take. - Theon Greyjoy

George R R Martin

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#16. A lot of country making films in English, but in Japan we are very shy to speak English.

Hiroyuki Sanada

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#17. Social entrepreneurs are married to a vision of, for example, a better way of helping young people grow up or of delivering global healthcare. They simply will not stop because they cannot be happy until their vision becomes the new pattern.

Bill Drayton

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#18. Only a fool humbles himself when the world is so full of men eager to do that job for him. (Theon Greyjoy)

George R R Martin

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