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#1. It's a pity if someone ... has to console himself for the wreck of his days with the notion that somehow his voice, his work embodies the deepest, most obscure, freshest, rawest oyster of reality in the unfathomable refrigerator of the heart's ocean, but I am such a one, and there you have it. - Author: Leonard Cohen
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#2. I think it's really important to give back and show other people that you care. - Author: Carly Schroeder
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#3. Performing has been part of my life since I was eight years old, so that's what I think I do. I don't think about the fact that it happens to be in a bigger venue where people get to know you, or they think they do. - Author: Peri Gilpin
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#4. We were meant to grow. When we don't grow, we seek diversions
some harmless (if unproductive), others destructive
to fill the emptiness. - Author: Jim Clemmer
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#5. I'm from Santa Cruz in Northern California, and the 49ers were my dad and I's bonding time. - Author: Marisa Miller
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#6. Well my taste wasn't very good when I first started out. But later, when I began to appreciate the art of acting, I would say the actress I most admire is Vanessa Redgrave. - Author: Ellen Burstyn
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#7. Well, Miss, if the choice is between sharin' a room with my kid brother or a pretty filly the likes of you, I think you'd know my choice. - Author: Deborah M. Hathaway
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#8. Acting is my career and activism is my passionate hobby. But acting is my livelihood. - Author: William Baldwin
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#9. Perhaps kids really did come into the world trailing clouds of glory, as Wordsworth had so confidently proclaimed, but they also shit in their pants until they learned better. - Author: Stephen King
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#10. Vanity of vanities, all is vanity. - Author: Ludwig Wittgenstein
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#11. She had a passion for anyone who did something top-notch. - Author: Mikhail Bulgakov
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